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What we love…

Lots of activities, colorful, engaging characters, introduces Latino culture and traditional values

What we’d love to see…

Naming the balls in Muki’s toys, addition of written vocabulary words


Mundo Lanugo is a bright, colorful entertaining preschool app, for introducing Latino culture, and Spanish vocabulary, to children.

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Mundo Lanugo - Juega y Aprende En Un Mundo Infantil Latino de Corazón / Mundo Lanugo - Play & Learn In A Latino-Inspired Children’s World in SpanishMundo Lanugo – Juega y Aprende is an app designed for young children to explore Latino culture and the Spanish Language. All the spoken language in the app is Spanish, but the parents section is in both Spanish and English.

The app is designed for 2-5 year old children from Latino families to introduce them to their culture and language in a fun way.

Mundo Lanugo gives the child a bright, colorful world to explore, populated by whimsical cartoon characters. They can scroll to look around and play with the many interactive elements such as counting as they climb the numbered steps to the treehouse, playing musical instruments, flying a paper airplane or ringing the bells on a mission-style church. There are also 10 short videos for the child to watch and and 10 activity areas, each accessed by tapping on a white icon.


The videos are short animations featuring the Mundo Lanugo cartoon characters, each one illustrates a Latino saying such as “Con el tiemo y la paciencia se aquiere la ciencia” and “En boca cerrade no entran moscas.” These videos encourage traditional values such as hard work and good manners but in a fun and entertaining way.


There are 10 different activity areas, which introduce different aspects of Hispanic culture, but also work on classic preschool skills such as learning the (Spanish) names of numbers, colors,toys & foods; matching, organizing by shape and color.

Shopping with Chuy

Chuy the pig is shopping at the mercado, the child needs to help him by collecting all the fruit and vegetables on his list and dragging them to his shopping basket. If they pick the correct item the name is spoken, incorrect items elicit an “uhh” and the child gets to try again.

Cooking with Chuy

In this game Chuy is in the kitchen preparing his favorite Latino foods -guacamole, arroz con leche and ceviche. The child has to drag all the ingredients to his bowl so Chuy can mix it and present the final dish. As they add each ingredient its name is spoken.

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Mia’s Art Gallery

Mia the Monkey has a collection of art by Latino artists such as Frida Kahlo, Picasso and Dali. She needs help displaying them, so the child needs to match the shape of the artwork to the outline on the wall.

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Mia’s Doll

The child can decorate Mia’s favorite doll in a variety of colors using fill-in coloring tools, and they learn the color names as they play.

Muki’s Workshop

Help Muki Monkey create his one of a kind toys using simple objects such as toilet roll middles, soda bottles and milk cartons.

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Muki’s Toys

Muki’s room is a mess! As the child helps him tidy up they can learn the Spanish names of traditional toys including dominoes, yo-yos, marbles, jacks and paper boats. The only toys they put away that aren’t named are the balls – I’d like to see this added in a future update.

Dress Up with Gloria

Help Gloria Lamb to get dressed in costume for El Dia de Los Muertos, Carnaval or as a character from Don Quixote.

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Gloria’s Journal

Gloria is working on her journal and to help her the child has to match 4 objects with the  scene from the app they come from.

La Cucaracha

Each the the characters from the app plays a traditional Latino instrument. The child can drag each one onto the stage where they will play La Cucaracha. This lets them hear how each instrument sounds both individually and when combined with other instruments, whilst listening to this classic tune.

Music with Quique

Quique the parrot has a variety of traditional instruments including maracas, guitar, accordion and flute. The child gets to learn their Spanish names and hear how they sound.

This a a very bright, colorful children’s app with cute characters and lively music. I love how it brings together different aspects of Latino culture including music, food, traditional toys, sayings and values as a integral part of a fun app. The app is also good for introducing some basic Spanish vocabulary such as names of: fruits, vegetables, numbers, colors,  musical instruments and toys. Currently these vocabulary words are only spoken, I would love to see the written words too, in these sections, as seeing a word written is a precursor to learning to read later.

It is a great app for helping to pass down Latino culture and values to Latino children, but also useful for non-Hispanic families who wish to teach their children about other cultures. My older son attended a Spanish Immersion Program where each class is 50% native Spanish- speakers and 50% English – speakers,  and the children are taught in Spanish from kindergarten. In this school the children learn not only the Spanish language but they also learn about Latino culture, music, dance and history, so this would be a great app for children preparing to enter this or similar programs.

Overall, a bright, colorful entertaining preschool app for introducing Latino culture, and Spanish vocabulary, to children. Parents who want to expand the child’s experience beyond the app can also visit the Mundo Lanugo website for activities, crafts and recipes.

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Mundo Lanugo - Juega y Aprende Mundo Lanugo - Juega y Aprende by Lanugo LLC

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‘Mundo Lanugo: Juega y Aprende’ es una aplicación infantil diseñada para reflejar y promover el idioma y la cultura de los niños de herencia Latina. A través de divertidos juegos didácticos, .


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