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What we love…

step by step letter formation app that teaches capital letters for preschoolers

What we’d love to see…

lowercase letters as well as the ability to go “back” if your child struggles with a specific step – right now there is no option to do so.


This is a great app for preschoolers especially those learning early letter skills and helps them practice in a fun interactive way – much better than the worksheets I used to use when I worked with kids in preschool age!

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Yum-Yum Letters - learn how to write letters from A to Z and improve handwritingYum-Yum Letters by Kindermatica is an app for iOS designed to help children learn capital letter formation by using a step by step teaching method.  Children can choose from either a winter snowflake or a summer caterpillar scene.  The app uses a step by step method which starts with tracing using dots, then moves to tracing a shape and finally freehand writing the letter.  After successfully completing the letter in three ways there is a mini game which provides praise for children. and lets them design a star object with “stickers”.  There are two fonts, the Zaner-Bloser (normal handwriting fot) and the HWT font which is better for kids with fine motor challenges.

There is a parental dashboard that lets you see the letters, number of tries, starting dots and gives you an idea of your children’s practice and skills achieved.  The dashboard shows how many times your kids may have gone outside of the letter border as well.  It also has an “easy” mode for younger kids and a “regular” mode for older kids which can be set as well as game limits and number of exercises to complete an award. You can also choose the handwriting font as well.  I also found that cleaning my device screen helped immensely when using the app especially when doing the tracing so nothing “extra” was on the screen.

I liked that this app encouraged a step by step process and required you to stay within the lines and follow a process in order to complete the letter.   The artwork was fun and bright and the letters when you drew them were clear and easy to read.  The directions were easy to follow for kids “find the starting point” which it would show, and then the encouragement to write the letter.  This helped kids stay on task and track to ensure the letters were completed correctly and properly.  If a child went outside of the letters, it would erase and then you would need to restart making that portion of the letter.  I liked the three step process as it encouraged mastery and practicing of fine motor skills.  The fading prompts were good to encourage kids to go on and master the letter skill.   We used both our finger and a stylus to complete the letter tracing activities and encouraged proper pencil grasp with the stylus.  The app lets you have multiple children and can do it in “ABC order” which is from A – Z or recommended order which starts with the letter E and ends with S which is much harder to form.  My son really liked that he could choose the season in the app to be either winter or summertime.

In terms of future enhancements, I would like to see the ability to go “back” if your child gets stuck on a specific step – say they can successfully trace and fill in the letter but have trouble on the “free mode.”  I’d also like to see lowercase letters as those are another important early learning skill for kids to master.  I would also like to see an option to turn off the splash screen advertising the other Kindermatica app as it might be distracting for some.

This is a great app for preschoolers especially those learning early letter skills and helps them practice in a fun interactive way – much better than the worksheets I used to use when I worked with kids in preschool age!  There is a parental gate but there are no in app purchases or external links.

Yum-Yum Letters: Learn & Trace Yum-Yum Letters: Learn & Trace by Kindermatica Ltd.

Price: $3.99 USD

Worried how your wiggleworm will learn to write his letters? Let a fat juicy caterpillar, smiling snowflake and a fluffy spider teach him. Yum Yum Letters gives kids a gentle introduction to handwriting.

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