meeperbotWhitewater, Wisconsin, November 9, 2015: Today, Meeper Technology launched meeperBOTS 2.0 on Kickstarter! It’s a groundbreaking Power Platform and BOT kit that turns your Lego and other building block sets into super cool machines. meeperBOTS bring a whole new dimension to traditional brick-block play and the Power Platform lets you build and share your own 3D designs to customize your BOTS.


meeperBOTS wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android) and gives you complete control via our easy-to-use Controller App. Attach bricks anywhere, operate 4 or more BOTS at once, program a FUN follow me feature and control everything with simple hand motion.

Plus, meeperBOT 2.0 is built on an open platform, so kids and makers can fully customize their BOTS while they share 3D designs and ideas within our Meeper Maker community.  Build, create, innovate, design and learn – the possibilities are endless! Check out all the great builds and creations from our Meeper kids and Meeper Makers in our Meeper Gallery.


meeperBOTS combine physical and digital play in to immersive experiences. We link BOTS and physical toy play with digital experiences in the Controller allowing you to change your digital world to match your physical play and setting. Building a construction site – switch to the Construction experience! Waging an epic Star Wars battle – switch to our Star Wars experience.


meeperBOTS 2.0 and the mobile Controller App 2.0 are fully compatible with meeperBOTS 1.0. You can control 1.0 and 2.0 BOTS as well as our new BOT form factors – Mini, Machine and Trax from with one universal Controller.


Many have been have been following our progress and our IndieGoGo campaign for our meeperBOT 1.0 release.  While that was a successful campaign, we knew we could make the product so much cooler and our 1.0 BOT backers really helped us with our 2.0 BOT design and functionality.


We have incorporated LOTS of improvements in meeperBOT 2.0.  Smoother navigation, faster connect, more responsive controls and new functions.  We have COVERED the meeperBOT body with studs so bricks will easily connect anywhere on the BOT. Kids love them! Even the big kids break out their bricks to participate.


About Meeper Technology, LLC: Meeper was founded in September 2014 to create new, engaging experiences for kids to make their brick-block and eventually other toys MOVE! Our patent-pending BOTS and Mo-bile App Controller use BLE sensors to control the BOTS – eight or more at a time! Our first product, meeperBOTS, is inspired by co-founder Jim Brandon’s 6-year old son, Will spends hours with his Lego™ kits and creating his own custom masterpieces. Will said the only thing that could make his Legos better is if they would MOVE! So like any good dad, Jim set out to make Will’s Legos move.