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180° camera, motion sensing, night vision, 2-way audio, loud alarm, environmental sensors, no video storage fees. Links with door/ window sensors, smart plugs, light bulbs.


Doesn’t currently link with Nest or other smart thermostat, not all z-wave accessories are supported, can’t change the length of video clip recorded, can get quite pricey when setting up multiple camera system.


Overall, if you want a DIY home security system without any monthly fees Piper NV is a great option, with video recording, motion sensing, 2 -way audio, a loud alarm and ability to connect to a variety of accessories including door/ window sensors  it has a lot of great features.


Do you want a security system for your home but don’t want to deal with recurring monthly fees from a security company? Then the Piper NV Home Smart Security System may be what you are looking for. It is a DIY home security solution without any monthly fees.

The heart of the system is a 180° camera with day and night vision, 2-way audio, and motion detection, but is is much more than just a security camera. The Piper NV has a built-in 105 db alarm, environmental sensors that monitor your home and can connect to z-wave accessories such as door/ window sensors, smart plugs and smart bulbs.

To use Piper NV you need to install a free app on your iOS or Android phone/ tablet and wirelessly connect the Piper to your home WiFi network.

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You can set 4 modes -stay, away, vacation and notification only and decide how Piper should react to movement, loud noises, or temperature changes. You can choose to be notified of alerts by text, email, phone, push notifications or all of them. When triggered the Piper will record 30 second video clips with audio which are stored in the cloud, there is no storage fee. From the Piper app on your cellphone you can view stored clips or watch live video. One feature I really like is that when watching the video you can pan around the field of view and zoom in to see details. You can also watch in a quadrant view where you have 4 copies of the video feed in a rectangle, within each copy you can pan to a different angle or zoom in so you can really explore a video clip in depth.

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When using Piper NV for home security you can also add door and window sensors. I tested this out by attaching a Piper sensor to my front door. It was really easy to set up and install- and only took a couple of minutes. It comes with both screws and 3M adhesive mounts. I used the adhesive mounts which worked well. I was concerned that it would be tricky to install correctly as I have a decorative moulding around the doorframe, but it was no problem. Once it is set up whenever the door opens or closes you can be notified and you can choose to have it automatically record and/ or sound the alarm. I found the notifications were fast and accurate. The alarm is REALLY LOUD! (105db) and would be a good deterrent for anyone making an unauthorized entry. I would recommend working out how to switch it off (by tapping the alert home icon in the Piper app) before testing it as it can be hard to think with the alarm blaring!

When you are watching the video feed live you can not only hear audio but also have a 2-way conversation via the Piper – great for when you are checking up on pets (or teenagers!) left alone.

Another feature that I really like and that you don’t see on most home video cameras is that Piper NV also records and displays environmental data – so you can check on your home to see how the indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, light level, sound and activity level have been over the last 48 hours.

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I’ve been using the Piper NV in my home for the last month, at first I thought it was just another WiFi video camera system but as I have discovered all its different features I have been very impressed with all that it can do.  As a busy mum I use the camera in several different ways – to check on my dog and cat when I’m not home, to check on my teen to ensure he got home safely from school if I need to go out, and to monitor my home when I’m out for the day or on vacation. I love that the 2-way audio lets me talk to my son, dog and cat. If I’m away from home the weather warnings and environmental sensors are useful to let me know of weather changes happening. I love that when I’m away I can have it record if I have unexpected motion, loud noises, or doors/windows opened and that it also has a very loud alarm that may help scare intruders away. It also has backup batteries so if the power is out or the unit unplugged it will continue to operate.

Whenever Piper is triggered it sends an alert and records a 30 second video clip, it then stops recording, however, the app has a very useful feature – automatic re-arming. If you switch this on it will automatically reset and record again if there is any further motion.

Piper also sells smart plugs and light bulbs that integrate with the Piper NV system. It would be nice to see it integrate with other companies #connectedhome accessories too, so that of you already own a nest, smart plugs or smart lights from other companies you could use them with the system. You can monitor up to 5 Piper’s from your cellphone app so that you can cover a large area of your home. There are bundles available including multiple Piper NVs plus accessories but getting multiple cameras can still add up quickly.

Overall, if you want a DIY home security system without any monthly fees Piper NV is a great option, with video recording, motion sensing, 2 -way audio, a loud alarm and ability to connect to a variety of accessories including door/ window sensors  it has a lot of great features.


Available from:  GetPiper.comAmazon and other retailers, single camera $279.


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.

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