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What we love…

beautiful graphics, fun and effective music activities, creative play .

What we’d love to see…

ability to save and share compositions.


An excellent early education app that will delight children as they develop an understanding and appreciation for music.

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Easy Music - Give kids an ear for musicEasy Music, is the newest app by Edoki Academy developers of award winning montessori based learning apps including Montessori Letter Sounds, Numberland, and Easy Studio. In Easy Music, children are introduced to different aspects of music such as rhythm, beats, pitch, and melody. It is a universal app compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

There are two play options: practice and compose. Easy Music encourages children to start with the practice mode. If your child has never had music lessons before, this is a great place to start. In practice mode, children meet some animals and play musical games with them. They are guided by a dragonfly who explains how each game is played. First, they meet the frogs in the frog pond. The frogs teach note and melody recognition. The frogs sing a different note depending on how long they are tapped or what direction they are swiped. The second animal they meet is the whale. The whale teaches pitch recognition as children choose the underwater vents that mimic the tone the whale produces. The third animal they meet is the bear who helps children count beats. He claps, stomps his feet, or taps his chest to make a beat. When he is finished, children tap on the large flower next to him the same amount of times as he made beats. Last, the they meet the fox who teaches them about rhythm. Children match the rhythm the fox makes by tapping a target as the bees pass in front of it. Each game has 25 levels that progressively get more challenging, helping children develop an excellent ear for music.

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After they have played all four games once, a rainbow piano appears high above the clouds. Children are invited to play the song “Ba Ba Black Sheep” on the rainbow. The app guides them on which rainbow color to tap to play the song. When they have finished, a standard piano keyboard appears below the rainbow. Each key on the keyboard directly matches a color on the rainbow. This time they learn the song by themselves. First, they follow a symbol on the piano that teaches them how to play a section of the song. Next, they attempt to play that section of the song on their own. If they are successful, they move on to the next section. If not, they get another chance to follow the symbol again until they they are able to memorize and play the section on their own. At the very end, they get a chance to play the entire song on their own. There are four other songs that children can learn (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Brother John, and Jingle Bells). There is also a Free Play piano mode in which children can play the piano as they wish.

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The compose mode can be accessed while in practice mode or directly from the main menu. To access the compose mode in practice mode, simply click on the sand castle near the waterfall. Inside are 3 themed rooms where children can play and create different types of musical compositions. Each is filled with a variety of interactive objects and animals that make sounds related to the room’s theme. There is Bear’s room where children can create jazzy music, there is Panda’s room where children can mix sounds like a dj, and there is Flamingo’s room where children can make soothing island music. Children can record their compositions. At this time, only one recording for each room can be saved. Pushing the record button will erase the previous recording and save the newest one. For a future update, I would love to have the ability to save more compositions on and off the app and perhaps have also have an option to share saved files via email.


Easy Music includes an instruction manual for parents which includes articles and tips on encouraging music in children’s lives. This manual can be found in the adult or parent section that can be accessed by clicking on the hand icon on the top left of the main menu and by answering a multiplication question. The adult section also allows parents or teachers to add and edit up to 40 student profiles, as well as access each student’s progress through each of the four practice games. A great addition to the progress report would be the ability to listen to children’s compositions and to see which areas in the practice mode they many need some more help in.

Easy Music can be played in one of 17 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Vietnamese, Cheibes, Korean, and Japanese. All languages include written instructions. Some also include audio instructions.

All my kids, ages 8 to 14 enjoyed Easy Music. The graphics are animations are beautiful and very well done. The practice games are very entertaining. My kids even decided to copy the bear’s moves to help with counting the beats. It encouraged movement and brought lots of laughter. The piano and sand castle were my 8 year old’s favorite activities. She loved playing her own music on the piano and coming up with different compositions. i think this has become one her favorite apps and will be a permanent fixture on her iPad.

I highly recommend Easy Music. It will appeal even to toddlers and will grow along with them. This is definitely worth your investment.

iTunes Link: Easy Music – Give kids an ear for music – Seven Academy

Easy Music - Give kids an ear for music Easy Music - Give kids an ear for music by EDOKI ACADEMY

Price: $3.99 USD

Easy Music is the perfect initiation into the world of music, no theory required! It is a beautifully animated app to introduce kids aged 5+ to musicality. Children learn to recognize notes, pitch, rhythm.


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