What we love…

easy to use effective band to treat nausea in a non medicinal way that can be easily turned on and off

What we’d love to see…

Carrying pouch to hold the band and ultrasound gel and potentially some additional features like a watch


Amazing!  I loved how easy it was to use and it was so effective in treating my nausea – even my husband was amazed!

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There are few things worse than feeling sick when your body is in motion.  ReliefBand was originally created as a single use device for chemotherapy patients, over time others learned of it and it became popular with boaters and in hospitals for other types of treatments.  I have always had nausea when flying or boating – it’s a fact of life for me.  I recently flew and I’m happy to say that with my ReliefBand I had no nausea and flew very comfortably.  You simply put on some gel similar to ultrasound gel on your wrist, put on the ReliefBand and then activate it so you can feel the pulse.  It begins to take effect in moments.  It is FDA cleared and endorsed by the medical profession for conditions related to nausea and vomiting including morning sickness and chemotherapy.

When I got to the airport, I simply put a dot of the conductive gel on my wrist and then adjusted the power level (there are five and you choose based on when you can feel the pulse in your wrist and finger) and put on the relief band.  It goes underneath your wrist as that’s closer to the nerve it is stimulating and was easily hidden under my long sleeved top.  From there, it started to work and I had no nausea whatsoever.  I even wore it during a recent horrible headache with nausea and it helped more than the medications I took.

I loved how easy it was to put on and use – it literally took five minutes after getting it on to be ready and having it in use – the first time!  I flew with no nausea and frankly wished that I could have had this band during my last pregnancy.  It’s easy to turn on and off which means you can use it when you need it and not when you don’t which is great especially when you are pregnant or travelling for short periods of time.  You can use it in a variety of locations and I am looking forward to testing it this summer when we go boating which is another motion trigger for me.  If the battery gets low, it easily slides out and is replaced with an easy to find watch battery.  There is an indicator light to remind you if it starts to get low.  I also liked how I could turn it up or down depending on my level of nausea in flight it was easy with a quick press of the button and it was drug free which meant I didn’t feel the effects of medication after landing.


In terms of enhancements, the dial is a bit big, so I would like to see the dial be a bit smaller and perhaps include a wristwatch as when I had this on I couldn’t wear anything else.  I’d also like a pouch for it so when I do remove it the ultrasound gel and the band stay together without getting dirty.  I’d also like to see a different band perhaps so it could be hidden or match with clothing which is important for pregnant moms.  It would also be great if it included a watch of some sort or a pedometer.

Overall, the Relief Band was a game changer for me when flying.  I was not miserable despite significant turbulence.  I look forward to using it while boating this summer and seeing if I have the same great results.

Relief Band can be purchased from Relief Band’s website, West Marine, and Amazon. The suggested RRP is $89.99.

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