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Lots of options and editable details to help you create your own comics.

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More cool art assets.


Comics Head is a features-packed digital tool for creating comics that will get kids to love storytelling.

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When I was exploring Comics Head – Create your own comic by NextWave Multimedia for the first time, I kept getting ideas on how we could incorporate comics in our children’s learning. While presenting knowledge in the form of comics can greatly impact our children’s motivation to learn, I think it’s even more rewarding to have them use comics to tell a story.

Students can be encouraged to write by first planning and developing their ideas in comics, which helps to improve their thinking process. They can also relate an experience that they had through photo comics. With the use of comics, students can confidently deliver a presentation that is unique and engaging. Comics also allows them to express themselves freely and not be limited by their lack of writing skills. Comics definitely has a place in education.

To help you create your own comics, all you need is Comics Head. It is easy to use, has plenty of ready templates to get you started right away plus lots of cartoon items and editing features to help you produce professional looking comics. There is a great variety of backgrounds, characters, props and effects for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can find suitable items from the pre-packaged assets that are based on specific themes. You are not limited to these art assets alone as you can also use photos/screenshots taken from within the app and import images from your device’s photo library or external sources. Best of all, you can draw your own items and add them to your comics!

Each art item that is inserted in your comics page can be edited – horizontal/vertical flip, duplicate, crop, apply various filters, add textures, make transparent, etc. You can even change the character’s expression and pose! Comics Head is packed full with many more advanced features to help you produce the most sophisticated comics that will satisfy your audience.

What’s comics without speech bubbles and Comics Head not only allows you to add and design your speech bubbles, but also lets you add audio speech bubbles via in-app recording or importing! You can also arrange the playback sequence of these audio speech bubbles. See an audio comics created by a 7-year-old below!

There are endless possible use for this app and it’s not just for our children. Teachers can prepare their science and history lessons in comics and see their students captivated. Parents can quickly create social stories using photos of real situations when needed. We can also make our own audio comic for our kids who can’t read yet. Greeting or invitation cards, business presentations, travel journals, announcements, etc. – all these you can rely on Comics Head to do the job well!


Comics Head has awesome supportive features as well. It has several ways to share a completed comics and the in-app help section is clear and concise. Access to the various sections is straightforward and access to all the external links are disabled by default and can only be changed in the password-protected parental settings.

Comics Head makes it so easy and fun for young children to create their own comics while older students and adults will be pleased with its easy to use yet powerful self-publishing tools. With this app, anyone can be an artist and author. Whether it’s for leisure or for work, Comics Head is a worthwhile addition to any home or classroom. Check out this cool comics creator app today and see your child’s love for storytelling grow.

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