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As Mums we are always looking for the latest tech to make our jobs easier.  The tech gear we highlight below are some of our top picks to help our kids stay healthy, safe and charged while on the go or at home using their devices for homework or leisure.

Thermo Bluetooth Thermometer from Withings

baby-thermo-FThermo from Withings is a temporal artery thermometer that is fast, accurate and easy to use and it’s companion app is a great way to track a child’s temperature, symptoms and response to medication during the course of an illness. Ask any parent of a sick child – the last thing they want to do when a sick child finally falls asleep is to wake them up, but if they are running a fever monitoring their temperature is vital, so finding a way to check their temperature without waking them is important.  A great addition to any family’s medical cabinet.   Read our full review.  Available from Withings.com, Apple Stores for $99.95

InBody Push Stadiometer

pushInBody Push – Handheld Stadiometer from InBody Push is a handheld stadiometer which measures height using ultrasound via the push of a button.  The stadiometer and companion app will register and manage the heights of up to 20 people and plots measurements on a CDC growth chart.  The device is shaped in a triangular shape and is easily held in one hand allowing you to measure your child – or anyone else in a simple easy to manage one hand format.  Read our review Available from Amazon for US$149

Kolibree Intelligent Bluetooth™ Toothbrush

C40U0469 (4) (1)At first glance Kolibree looks like any other good quality electric toothbrush, but it is much more than that- it actually gets your kids wanting to brush!!  It is a sonic toothbrush, its charging base plugs into an electric outlet and the toothbrush charges when sitting on the base. It comes with 2 removable brush heads and additional heads are available to purchase. However, unlike a regular electric toothbrush Kolibree uses 3D motion sensors to monitor how you are brushing and give you feedback.  It has 2 fun apps that encourage kids to brush as well as they can- a pirate game and a Rabbids game.  Read our full review. Available from Kolibree.com and Amazon. Basic pack including Tooth brush, charging base, 2 heads and app is $149

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier

If you are concerned about air quality in a child’s room or want to keep it at just the right temperature the Dyson Pure Hot+ Cool Link is just what you are looking for. Dyson is famous for its innovative engineering and the Hot+ Cool Link combines it signature iconic style and functionality. It has 3 functions- it heats, it cools and it purifies. The heating and cooling unit, like the Dyson cool fan, is bladeless so you never need to worry about a child accidentally getting their fingers caught.  It is also designed to automatically switch off if tipped over. Air pollution can be worse inside our homes than out, and young children, the elderly and those with allergies can be most affected by it. The Hot+Cool Link intelligently purifies the air to remove 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. It measures the air pollution levels inside your home and you can set it to automatically switch on as pollution levels rise. You can control it and receive notifications via a Dyson app on your SmartPhone.  Available from Dyson.com, Amazon and other retailers RRP $599

Road Rockstar 4 USB Port Car Charger

Troad-rockstarhe Road Rockstar from Belkin is definitely one of those products that make you think “why didn’t someone come up with this earlier!!” It is a great family friendly car charger that has not one or two, but four charging ports- two for the front seat and two for the back!. The charger plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in the front of the car and provides 2 USB ports for mum and dad in the front seats to charge their phones. A 6 foot long cable extends from here to a second charging device that is designed to fit in the pocket of a seat in the second row and provides enough power for the kids in the back seats to charge 2 iPads. Genius!! No more running out of power on long road trips! Available from Amazon RRP $39.99 currently $32.99 on Amazon

Starry Station – Touchscreen WiFi Router



As a mom, I struggle with letting my older son have my iPad in his room unsupervised.  Thankfully, I recently discovered the Starry Station – and now I can control what content he can and can’t see as well as being able to turn off access to the internet with the touch of a button on the router or my iPhone.  Starry Station includes ScreenTime parental controls which let you block bad content (which you determine), filter certain sites (like YouTube) and apps as well as disable Wi-Fi access easily. I also like that you can set up routines which disable wi-fi at a specific time, give access to only certain apps/sites (perfect for homework!)  This makes my Friday night #devicefreedinner a snap, I simply touch a button and Friday night is now tech free night.  Setup for the Starry Station was a snap, it has great range in my home and I also like that I can monitor how well my wireless is working on the fly from my iPhone.  Another bonus – I can connect so many devices including multiple smartphones, tablets, Android devices, iPads, DVR, wireless printers, and even my Blu Ray Player without seeing any slowdown.   Available from Amazon for US$299.95

Weather + Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor

img_0594-2Oregon Scientific’s Weather+ sensor allows you to track temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure either indoors or outdoors, both in real time and historically via your smartphone, when in Bluetooth range.  Do you have a room or rooms in your house that you need to monitor the temperature and humidity in, or need to keep in a specific temperature or humidity range? Maybe a wine cellar, a nursery or even a greenhouse ? You can keep an eye on it via a home weather station but you need to be in the room to check the readings and you don’t get to see how it changes over time. Oregon Scientific’s new Weather + Advanced Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor provides a solution that allows you to monitor temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure via your smartphone.  Read our full review. Available from Oregon Scientific for $29.99


ADVANCED SensorSafeTM Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat

ADVANCED SensorSafe™ Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat (Largo)

As a mom of two, I can tell you that when I had my second I was amazed at all the changes made in a few short years to car seats. This is the perfect gift or a Mum or Mum to be, as car seats expire and the technology is constantly changing!  I’ve tried a variety of reminder systems to ensure I never forget my kids in the car – including a shoe in the backseat or putting my purse back there.  Evenflo recently launched this car seat which includes a SensorSafe system designed for infants from 4-35 lbs  which chimes to remind you that your child is buckled into their car seat in your car.  That means, no matter how busy you might be, your child is never left behind inadvertently in a hot or cold car even if you do change your routine.  The car is always a place where my kids fall asleep and this seat would give me peace of mind to know that they were safe — and that I would always remember they were in the car. Available from Amazon and WalMart  for US $149 – $211.10 depending on color.

ETY•Kids® Earphones 



Helping to keep my kids hearing safe while they are using their devices has always been important to me.  These headphones from Etymotic allow you to control earphone sensitivity which means that it’s no longer a battle of the DVD player being turned up too loud!  The sounds heard via the  ETY•Kids earphones are designed not to exceed safe levels, and kids can listen safely for up to four hours daily.  The headphones block background noise, provide high quality sound which means kids can hear the sounds and parents can have a conversation in the front seat without having to compete with a device for long drives. Read our full review, my son’s are four years old and still working great!  Available from Amazon for US $30.

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