Myantenna Tech debuts accurate, affordable and compact laser distance tool

Tape measures are a necessity for interior designers, quantity surveyors, even those remodeling their home, but for measuring distances quickly and easily, a digital measuring device cannot be beaten. Whether you are a DIYer or a designer, this tool can measure any area at the push of a button.

Myantenna Tech, today, launches the KIWI P1 on Indiegogo, an innovative solution for measurement needs.

Make calculations easy

KIWI P1 is perfect for a crew working on an exhibition design, an architect working on a building site, or a brand new homeowner relandscaping. Whether it’s home renovation, mastering the art of hanging pictures, purchasing new furniture, or painting, KIWI P1 has it covered. Put this nifty tool in your pocket or bag and never buy the wrong sized curtains or coffee table again.

Sleek design

Forget bulky, complicated laser distance meters (LDM) with multiple buttons. KIWI P1 is user-friendly, without compromising on functionality or accuracy. This device is compact, precise, and its one-button design makes it effortless to use.

This pro-tool was designed with an innovative vertical alignment (VA) display, which makes it easy to read in any environment. Whether you’re downstairs in a dark basement, or outside on a sunny porch, the visibility of the display and reading quality is never compromised.

Hassle-free setup

Use the KIWI P1 as a remote control to take measurements in hard to reach spots, and say goodbye to tangled tape measures. Simply double click to go into the auto fetch mode, place KIWI P1 on the starting point, and walk to the endpoint. In just 10 seconds, the measurement data will be displayed on the screen. Triple click the button to select between meters or feet.

KIWI P1 makes estimates quick and easy, with its stunning accuracy of +/-2 mm. It has a special Smart Switch add-on that offers users a 180-degree experience. Conveniently attach and detach the mirrored magnetic Smart Switch for 90-degree angles.

David Liu, Myantenna Tech’s CEO, explains: “When it comes to interior design or real estate, KIWI P1 makes it easy. Whether the outside of a building or the inside of a home the calculations are accurate and fast.”

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off on 6 September 2017 with a target of $10,000 to put the world’s smallest laser distance pointer into mass production.

Accuracy – 1/152ft (2mm)
Range – 0.6-130ft (0.2-40mm)
Laser Class – 2
Laser Type – 635~650nm, <1 mW
Battery (2 x AAA) – 5 hours
Dimension (L*W*H) – 100*35*18mm
Weight (with batteries) – 68g
Auto Fetch – Yes
Smart Switch – Optional

About Myantenna Tech

Established in 2013, Myantenna Tech designs laser distance measuring tools. It’s flagship product the KIWI P1 is ideal for interior design, quantity surveying, building and simply purchasing furniture for the home. This all-in-one product relieves complicated measurement calculations at the click of a button.

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