Today’s interview is with Lisa Molnar from Cades & Birch.  They have a wonderful variety of handmade items including some great spots to store your tech!  Visit them on Esty, Amazon Handmade and Instagram!  Be sure to tell them you are visiting from The iMums.

Hi Lisa! Tell us about your company and how you got started?  What types of products do you sell?

I am a mother of four. My husband and I have been blessed with three boys, and were finally able to complete our beautiful family two years ago, when we adopted our daughter from Ukraine. My life has been full of people I love and creating beautiful handmade treasures. I believe that it’s those little personal touches that make people feel special and I have always found delight in hunting for the perfect gift for everyone. My favorite part of throwing a party has always been finding those unique personalized accents that make an event unforgettable – and that is how Cades and Birch came to be. We create meaningful keepsakes that are personalized for your events and occasions, distinctive creations you will be proud to display or gift to others.  We are trying to create beautiful products that help our customers celebrate and remember those important moments in life.  From the birth of a baby,  to the death of a furry family member and every graduation and wedding in between.

Tell us about national unplug day?

National Unplug Day is a 24 hour global respite from technology highighting the value of disconnecting from digital devices to connect with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.  National day of Unplugging 2019 is from sundown to sundown March 1-2.

How can families make a step to cut tech even for a few minutes via small steps?

I really struggle with balancing technology in my home.  I have three high schoolers and a middle schooler.  Finding a healthy balance with technology is a constant struggle and that is how our Unplug boxes came to be.  Our first Unplug locked box was created as a place for me to lock up my sons gaming controllers and then I soon realized that all of us would benefit from locking up our phones during dinner and family time.  Locking up phones during meal time is a manageable small step for every family. Creating a place in your home where all technology sleeps at night is another great start.  All my kids leave their phones in the kitchen at night.  Having the Unplug box on the kitchen counter is a great reminder and its adorable too.  My kids tried to fight this rule saying they need an alarm, so I went to Walmart and now they each have alarm clocks that do not affect the quality of their sleep.


Tell us about the various unplug boxes and how you use them.

Our Cades and Birch UNPLUG boxes help you put the phone away and UNPLUG (while your phone is charging up).  We have several customized versions where you can UNPLUG and give your mind a rest for as long as you need.   Our UNPLUG locked version was created because sometimes our devises need to be taken away and locked up.  My son Gabe is the model and is super excited to be the spokesperson for locking up cell phones…not.  🙂





We have a small desk size UNPLUG and be Present version that is perfect for a desk or bedroom. All our Unplug boxes have a hole in the back which allows for the phone to be charged while it is in a time out.




This Unplug Planter is our most popular version because several devices can fit inside and it looks adorable on your table or counter top.  Add your own personalization to make it special for your family.  We also sell a lot of these boxes for campers and motorhomes with customizations like “Lets wander where the Wi-Fi is weak”.

This beautiful box is hand painted cream, softly distressed for that sweet vintage style, and engraved with your personalization.

Do you have tech rules in your house for your kids? 

I don’t have a ton of tech rules and can always improve, but these 5 are manageable for me.

  1. No phones during homework.  If they need the phone for music accessibility, the phone needs to be outside the door.
  2. No phones during meals.
  3. No looking at phones while having a conversation.  The phone must be put down and eye contact made.
  4. All phones are charged in the kitchen at night to help encourage quality sleep.
  5. No phones in nature.  My boys are big surfers so we are always at the beach.  When we are at the beach, phones stay in the car.  When we are hiking, phones stay in the pockets unless there is something awesome they want to take a picture of.  When we camp, the phone don’t get charged until we head home.  A dead phone makes for a very creative, fun kid and an engaged parent.  J


I am excited to be able to share our products with your readers. We all know we shouldn’t be on our phones all the time.   We know we should put technology down and engage with those around us and our Unplug products are a beautiful reminder to do just that.   Here are the links to our Cades and Birch shops:

Etsy:  link here

Amazon Handmade- Amazon’s version of Etsy : link here 

Instagram: link here

Come and visit us!  Be sure to unplug for National Unplug Day!