Love, the app by Pablo Curti

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What we love…

the beautiful animations, pen and ink drawings as well as the story being brought to life via the iPad in unexpected ways

What we’d love to see…

narration/reading aloud of the app, easier way to find all the animations


Though reading the story initially made me sad, it helped me to see how animated stories have grown from fifty years ago to today and is a beautiful adaptation of a story about love and a little girl sharing the news. This is a beautiful app and will always remind me of the simpler things in life. The story teaches us that no matter what, love is unconditional and we should love each person as they are for who they are.

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Love, the app by Pablo Curti and written for iOS is an app designed for iOS that features paper cut animations bringing a fifty year old book LOVE which was first published in 1964 in a paper book to life. Since the original book was published fifty years ago, it was published in 10 countries. The app features the story of a little girl who lives in an orphanage because her parents “went away” when she was nine. Using a variety of paper cuts, animation and more, the animated story is brought to life using color and texture on the iPad to reveal additional parts of the story. The little girl feels sad, because no one ever told her that she was darling, beautiful or cute. Once in the orphanage she tries to blend in with the other children, but there were so many children that no one really paid attention to her. At the orphanage, the little girl walks around and finds beauty in nature from simple things like a leaf, a bird, or just to stop and think her own thoughts. She becomes friends with nature and realizes that there are many beautiful things in the world and that nature is a wonderful thing. Near the end of the story, one day an attendant from the orphanage found her putting a piece of paper, a small note inside a tree with the following note, “whoever finds this “I love you”, showing that despite all the challenges that this little girl faced, she still found a way to love even those that she did not know.

One of my favorite parts of the app was all the interactions on each page – some of which were hidden and others that were generated by tapping on a paper flap or touching the various parts on the screen. The story is poignant and aimed at older children as well as adults who can understand what it is like to be in a large room of people, yet feel completely alone. The app helped me see the joy that simple things like nature can bring including ultimately a way to love others. The end of the story features snippets from the text that you can pull across to reveal scenes from the book which help you remember the story and brings you to my favorite part – the “love note”.

The app contains no external links, although it does contain information about the author and the reason that he wrote the book originally. This app is designed for older children as well as adults who will identify with the text as well as understanding the true meaning of love and the girls journey to find it.

In terms of improvements to the app, at times it was a bit hard to find all of the places you needed to touch for the story and reading the text was a bit off at times because it wasn’t easy to follow sequentially from left to right like traditional reading. I understand this is the style of the story, but having a narration to the story would be a delightful addition. I’d also love to customize the love note at the end of the story as well.

The app contains many new things that I find each time I open it. Although reading the story initially made me sad, it helped me to see how animated stories have grown from fifty years ago to today and is a beautiful adaptation of a story about love and a little girl sharing the news. This is a beautiful app and will always remind me of the simpler things in life. It’s a story of a little girl who teaches us that no matter what circumstances we face, love is unconditional and we should love each person as they are.


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Pregnancy & Baby | What to Expect By Everyday Health, Inc. – Review

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What we love…

Provides great information week by week on your pregnancy that is reliable and informative

What we’d love to see…

How to explain pregnancy to kids, a searchable listing of foods and medications during pregnancy


Thoughtful app that incorporates many of the things that you wish to know in pregnancy all in one spot

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From the makers of What to Expect When you are Expecting, comes “Pregnancy & Baby What to Expect”. This app designed for iOS features a week by week look at pregnancy which you can calculate using your due date and includes helpful tips, videos, foods that you can eat as well as a journal and access to online communities. This one size fits all app, provides a wealth of information all in your smartphone or tablet for you to view and review at your leisure including specific facts about your pregnancy that week, a video of what is going on during the week, common signs and symptoms an expecting mom can expect as well as access to online chat board communities.

The app provides information on a weekly basis that either compares your pregnancy to a fruit or vegetable. In addition, with the new update it includes a short video snippet of what to expect in the upcoming week as well as common symptoms and recommendations on articles to read as well as access to a journal where you can save pictures of your belly to do a slide show over time as well as access to a variety of online communities to talk with other pregnant mothers about a variety of topics. I also think it’s wonderful that the authors took a digital book and made it into an app so that you can have it in your pocket and at a glace learn the latest information about your pregnancy and how the baby is growing.

I would love to see a for kids section, as explaining pregnancy and growth to children is something they have many questions about.  In addition, a listing of safe foods or foods to avoid during pregnancy as well as medications would be a helpful supplement as well.

This app is definitely for parents and it contains external links (to articles), advertising as well as internet links to communities. There are no in-app purchases which lead to the iTunes library that I have found.

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by Everyday Health, Inc.
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Size: 117.69 MB


Note: This app is not designed to replace your doctor – please be sure to discuss any concerns and questions about your pregnancy with your healthcare provider.