Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer by Creative Algorithms

What we love…

easily scale up or down recipes to make them for your family; ability to keep recipes in a database so that you can easily find them

What we’d love to see…

ability to categorize recipes by difficulty


My favorite cooking app – makes sizing up and down recipes easy!  I also love how easy it is to keep track of all of my favorites!

Our Rating


Recipe Manager with Serving SizerRecipe Manager with Serving Sizer for the iPad by Creative Algorithms, LLC takes the guesswork out of changing your recipes depending on the number of people you are feeding.   It makes keeping track of your favorite recipes easy!  A little bit of background of the developers, they are a husband and wife team. Cory, does all the programming and Justine, does designs and graphics. To learn more about the design of this app, Justine’s blog post provides great background. This app allows you to copy your recipes into a database where they are all easy to find and re-size as necessary. Once you have entered the recipe, you can change the serving size and the entire recipe is converted to the number of people you need to serve.  We have a CSA and have collected some great recipes over the years.  I used to keep everything in a 3 ring notebook but struggled to keep it clean – and I was always finding new recipes which needed to be shrunken or made bigger depending on the number of people I was feeding.

I used this app on Thanksgiving and found it was very useful in sizing recipes down for my family, plus taking photos of the various creations was wonderful so I can pull up a recipe card and see what it is that I made via a photo. I also liked the ability to snag recipes from various websites and copy them into the recipe cards giving me the ability to try them before entering each of the ingredients onto the card. I also liked the ability to email the various recipes to friends and family.  You can add recipes directly from the web using a built in browser as well as paste from the clipboard.  One of my favorite features is the ability to easily import recipes that I have collected from various places into the app making it a one stop shop.  A number of ingredients are pre-populated making it easier to pick ingredients as well as the amount of each that you need.  I also love that when the app scales it automatically converts them to a proper measurement instead of 12 tablespoons it converts to 3/4 cup.

In terms of enhancements, I wish there were a way to categorize recipes in terms of difficulty.  My son is learning to cook with me and will often look at the recipe database.  I hate telling him a recipe is too hard – so sometimes we wing it.

This app is ideal for anyone who has a large collection of cookbooks, with favorites in each since you can find the recipe you are looking for in one easy location. It also works well during the holidays when recipes need to be doubled or tripled and during parties where you can size up a standard recipe to feed a crowd of people. Creative Algorithms, LLC is part of the Moms with Apps collaborative focusing on family friendly apps. The app now includes an in app purchase capability where you can purchase specially designed cards including fall and holiday themed.

iPad version
Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad – your recipes, organized – Creative Algorithms

Recipe Manager - Serving Sizer Recipe Manager - Serving Sizer by Creative Algorithms

Price: $4.99 USD

Manage. Organize. Scale. Personalize. Keep all your personal recipes on all your iPads.
Scale recipes by serving size to number of dinner guests–something your ordinary cookbook can't do!

iPhone version
Serving Sizer Recipe Manager – Creative Algorithms

Serving Sizer Recipe Manager Serving Sizer Recipe Manager by Creative Algorithms

Price: $2.99 USD

Customize recipes for families, couples, large or small groups. This app does what a regular cookbook can't--instantly scales all ingredients based on number of guests coming to dinner!
● Also converts.

Alison, the American iMum is from Massachusetts. She lives there with her two sons and husband. In their spare time, they enjoy playing outside, enjoying nature and of course testing apps and fantastic products on their devices. My older son loves technology and loves testing out the “latest and newest” apps and tech. I love sharing information about apps and products with others to help them make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

Date Wheel Date Calculator by Creative Algorithms – Review

What we love…

super easy to use date calculator that lets you countdown to dates; figure out when follow up appointments should be and more!

What we’d love to see…

ability to integrate with iOS calendar; calculate by years as a countdown


Overall this is an easy to use date app which helps you calculate the time from period in a variety of ways.  It does include a “rate this app” in iTunes link but because it’s primarily for parent’s this isn’t a problem.

Our Rating

Date Wheel date calculator  Date Wheel by Creative Algorithms is a great app that lets you calculate from one date to another using business days, weeks, months and regular days.  It has made scheduling my life as a mom so much easier.  The app is very straightforward and easy to use and it easily calculates date duration without complicated math or even having to look at a calendar!   How many times have you stood looking at a calendar trying to figure out when you need to follow up with your kids doctor or schedule your next haircut?  Other apps by Creative Algorithms include Recipe Manager which I love to use near the holidays.

To use the app, first you click on the start date – this can be a date you can enter or you can click the button for “today”. From there you set the duration and pick the type of duration it is ranging from months, weeks, days or business days. The app will fill in the end date for you at the bottom.  Alternatively, you can fill in the start date and end date and it will tell you the duration in between – we used this as part of a back to school countdown for my kids. I can tell you how many times I have stood at the counter of my kids doctors waiting for them to schedule a follow up appointment in X weeks.  Schedulers will often say the doctor has availability at X and I usually took it at face value because I wasn’t doing the calculating at the moment – now with a quick date entry I can figure out the number of weeks and if the date is in the ballpark.  We also used the app to count down to the solar eclipse that recently occurred near us.

iPhone Screenshot 4I really like how easy the app is to use – and the flexibility of the app.  Being able to calculate by months, weeks and days is how I normally use it the app.  You can also use it for project planning as well.  At the bottom you can save and have a number of date trackers running all at the same time should you be using it to track milestones or you can simply use it and not save it.

My son used it this summer to track the number of days he had left in his summer reading program.  He also used it to count down to the end of the summer and plan for us to buy school supplies.  You can easily enable or disable sound as well as have the end date included.  You can also easily keep track of calculations by clicking hte list in the lower right hand corner.  Other ideas include: when to schedule your next dental cleaning or haircut; count down to important days; and even calculate when an item will arrive.  I also like the lock function so you can lock things like the start date, duration and end date.

In terms of improvements, I would like to be able to calculate by years in a future update.  Another would be integration with the iOS or Android calendar to remind me that I need to do x task in the future.

Overall this is an easy to use date app. It does include a “rate this app” in iTunes link but because it’s primarily for parent’s this isn’t a problem.  Under the “i” there are online links including Facebook, Twitter and various contact me items.   If you want to try before you buy, you can test it on the web.  You can also check out some other great productivity apps on our site!

Date Wheel date calculator Date Wheel date calculator by Creative Algorithms

Price: $2.99 USD

Date Wheel™ is an award-winning date calculator that calculates time between two dates in months, weeks, days, & business days. ● Save calculations for future reference. ● Countdown to an important.

Alison, the American iMum is from Massachusetts. She lives there with her two sons and husband. In their spare time, they enjoy playing outside, enjoying nature and of course testing apps and fantastic products on their devices. My older son loves technology and loves testing out the “latest and newest” apps and tech. I love sharing information about apps and products with others to help them make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

5 ways to improve work-life balance for work at home moms



5 ways to improve work-life balance for work at home moms

Working from home may sound like a dream, but housework, children, and spouses can quickly cause distractions that are impossible to ignore. For many moms, working from home helps them to avoid childcare costs and allows them to spend more time with their children. Unfortunately, sticking to a solid 9 – 5 working day and striking a work-life balance presents a tough challenge. Improve your work-life balance by following our tips for work at home moms.

Create an office space

Having a space that’s separated from the rest of the house can help to stop you from getting distracted by other household tasks and put you in the right frame of mind for work. Set up your office space with a good desk, supportive chair and a high-speed internet connection to ensure that you have the right tools to let you concentrate on your work.

3605107785_5f1f291f91-1Break up your time

Working from home with young children? Break up your time into little 30 minute chunks and set your children a task to complete during that time. This could mean coloring in a picture, tidying up their toys or watching their favorite videos on YouTube. Set an egg timer and use this time to focus wholly on your own tasks without distraction.

Introduce a morning routine

Make the most of the time that your kids are still in bed by getting up early and starting your day before them. That way, you’ll have a few precious hours to get a head start on work before you need to wake your children up and get them ready for the day. Additionally, introducing a morning routine that includes getting up early, showering and getting dressed for work. There’s no need for a full suit and heels, but getting out of your pajamas and into work clothes will make you more productive.

Commit to time for yourself

Schedule in time for yourself in your diary and stick to it. Commit to allowing yourself time every day to unwind for half an hour or so. Download a fitness app and do a workout, have a cup of tea and read a book or do some gentle stretching. Doing something that’s just for you will allow you to cool down from your day and prepare for your evening.

Continue to be flexible

As a work from home mom, you’ll find that your schedule needs to remain flexible. As your child grows and changes, they’ll need varying levels of attention and care. On top of that, parenting often throws up unforeseen circumstances like doctor’s appointments and dentist check-ups that require you to be flexible. Make the most of the routine when you can stick to it, but don’t get stressed out on the days when you can’t.


The most important thing about being a work from home mom is to allow yourself to make mistakes and adjustments based on what works for you. Every day isn’t going to be perfect, so cut yourself a little slack!


Image by Ian Barbour and A Girl With Tea used under CC license

About the author:

Samantha is an English instructor who is known for her unmatched passion for teaching.  In addition to an remarkable grasp of the English language, her grammatical expertise as well as creativity and writing prowess made her one the most sought after instructors in her home city.  Now, Samantha brings you thought-provoking articles that elicit deep thinking and analysis.

Rhetoric Public Speaking by John Zimmer and Florian Mueck – Review


What we love…

Various options for narrative formation.

What we’d love to see…

Ability to choose/skip topics or make your own, option to record speeches for review, a junior version of the app.


A public speaking board game that presents lots of possibilities in practicing expressive language and narratives. Particularly useful for older children or adult clients in speech therapy.

Our Rating

Rhetoric Public Speaking Game is an app developed by the creators of Rhetoric-The Public Speaking Game (John Zimmer and Florian Mueck). The original board game was released in 2012 and was a huge success. It was made to help those with a desire to increase public speaking skills. The creators have now released an app that reflects the benefits of the board game. The purpose of this review will be to write about how this app can be used by Speech Language Pathologists in therapy.

When I first looked at the app, my impression was that this is for much older players. The description was more about how to prepare for debates and public speaking engagements. As I explored and played through, I realized that there are many ways to adapt it for practicing expressive language and narratives. The app needs to be monitored and set up by an adult, which is actually a good thing, as it encourages interactions between the clinician and the student.

Game play itself is relatively easy. The game can be played by 2 to 8 people at a time. A great feature is that the game supports multiple different languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan; with more languages to come). Default time is set to a minimum of 1 minute, but can be adjusted to 2 minutes. There are 2 styles to the game, competitive or not. In the competitive mode, the other players are the ones that determine the score. In therapy, this can be useful in teaching the kids how to give constructive criticism and even compliments.

Opening the app results in a black home page with no illustrations. 3 options are there: Rules, Play and About. Of course, it is really important to read the rules before even trying to play. If you go straight to play option, you will be lost. The rule section is long and somewhat complicated, as it explains each space on the game board. Right from this page, I knew that I would need to create a cheat sheet to have handy during play.

The game begins with an “audience” waiting to hear speeches. Each speaker has a marker, poised at the “entrance”. The players roll a dice, move to a space on the board, on which they are asked to participate in a speech task according to 4 categories – Topic, Challenge, Question, Reflection. The game continues until a player exits the “stage”.

When your marker lands on Topic, you pick a card that gives you the topic of your speech. Then you need to create your narrative to include one of 6 fields or tasks: Tell a story, Use a quote, Evoke the Senses, Draw an Analogy, Use Humor, Call to Action. Each of these is explained in the rules section (hence, the cheat sheet). If your marker stops at Challenge, you have to respond to that specific challenge (e.g. You are the host of a TV game show. Introduce the other players as the contestants).

When you land on Question, any player can ask you a question about anything and you have to structure your answer based on the result of your spin on the Wheel of Structure. Structures like ‘Good, Better, Best’; ‘Bad, Worse, Worst’; ‘Past, Present, Future’; ‘One, Two, Three’ and ‘Pros and Cons’ help you organize your thoughts and deliver an impressive speech. One last area is Reflection, where you can choose to talk about anything within the time limit.


Once the game starts, it is pretty intuitive, with the speaker just having to tap a card to bring you to the next “task”. Card selection is random, so you never know what will pop up. Subjects range from appropriate for younger kids, to rather older in nature (speak about something in the room to deliver your own eulogy). It would be nice to be able to customize the cards for the target population. Once you are ready to speak, the timer is revealed and when speech is completed you tap the check mark to end your turn. Play continues with the next speaker.


As you can see, once you are familiar with the different spaces on the board and the different tasks, the app can actually be a lot of fun. In therapy, I would delay the actual speaking part to help the student create a visual BrainFrame or use components of other narrative programs (SKILLS, SGM) to help organize thoughts and create a narrative. I would also limit the tasks that they can choose from, to make it more appropriate for the clients playing the game. An option that I would change to help with this idea, is to allow the speaker to use a field more than once. Recording the students while speaking would also be a great asset to therapy. The clinician can go back and review the elements of the narrative that were covered or missed.

Getting students to actually use expressive language in a structured activity is a difficult task at the best of times. The chance to incorporate this skill into a board game is an excellent addition to treatment. Students react well to electronics and the somewhat competitive board game nature of Rhetoric. There is also no real “judgements” made about the speech which is great.


I can also see the validity of working with adult aphasia clients that have been in therapy for a while. They too would probably like the game nature of this app. I would think the stress level of having to create narratives will be lessened by having topics and structures presented to them. If possible, recording the narrative to go back and review would be great as well.

There are a lot of things I like about this app (if used with the right demographics). The different language options is for sure a really big plus. The multiple player setup is great for group sessions. The simple design of the board game makes it easy to play and allows the clients to move ahead towards the finish quickly. There are multiple different options for narrative formation. The non-competitive version of the game allows for excellent client feedback and gives the clinician lots of opportunities for direct teaching of narrative formation.

What I would like to see is the ability to choose the topics for the speeches or even to make your own. Another option is for the developers to make a junior version. That would be awesome!!!! I would like to be able to skip a card if it doesn’t seem appropriate. The developers have mentioned that more languages and specific theme topics are coming soon so then maybe then it will be easier to choose. I would also like to see an option to record the speeches to review later.

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Rhetoric Public Speaking Game

Rhetoric Public Speaking Game Rhetoric Public Speaking Game by John Zimmer
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Size: 85.81 MB




Lisa is a Speech Language Pathologist who has been working in an inclusive school system for over 32 years. She works with children that have issues in all areas of speech and language. She loves her work and is always looking for ways to integrate technology.

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