Review of GoNoodle and #Giveaway for a New #Apple TV (4th Generation)

GoNoodle for Apple TV

What we love…

Great variety of channels to suit different ages and tastes, gets kids active, stress reduction tools, fun for all the family

What we’d love to see…

A way to bookmark favorite videos and create your own compilations


GoNoodle a great free resource with a great selection of fun active videos to get kids up, moving, exercising and dancing, perfectly suited to the Apple TV. Highly recommended.

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Over the last year or so my kids added a new verb to their vocabulary – on the way home from school they could often be heard telling each other I “GoNoodled today”. This was usually responded too with an enthusiastic “me too” or occasionally a “No fair, I didn’t .” I couldn’t really get a good explanation from them as to what “GoNoodling” was, just that it was fun. So I was left scratching my head wondering was this some kind of dance? Yoga move ? Strange exercise involving spaghetti? Now I’m wondering no more as I’ve recently had the pleasure of GoNoodling with them at home !

GoNoodle started with the aim of getting kids more active at school. Teachers could subscribe to Go Noodle and access fun videos to get kids active. For schools it is available as a free subscription and a premium version is also available with extra content that incorporates common core standard academics as well as the exercises. My local school district has installed Smartboards in all the elementary school classrooms and my kids’ teachers have been using GoNoodle on the Smartboards. My kids love using GoNoodle in the classroom and when I asked my daughter’s teacher what was good about GoNoodle from a teacher’s perspective her reply was “everything!”

After it was launched for schools many kids started asking for GoNoodle at home and GoNoodle started to let families sign up for a free account on their website and watch at home on their computer, or via a web browser on their iPad or tablet. With the launch of the new Apple TV came the ability for developers to release apps for Apple TV, and GoNoodle has just launched an Apple TV app (N.B. Apple TV apps only work on the 4th Generation Apple TV not on older models.) Go Noodle is a free app with no adverts or in-app purchases.

After hearing about GoNoodle from my kids and their teachers I was happy to get the chance to check it out for myself on our new Apple TV. My initial assumption was that GoNoodle would be all active videos to get kids up and dancing, but I soon discovered it has a lot more to offer. It has dance and exercise videos set to music, for when you want to get kids active, but it also has calming activities too, including yoga and mindfulness exercises.

When you open the app there are 2 choices: mixes and channels. The mixes are great if I’m not sure what to watch but I want a particular effect such as getting the kids active, de-stressing or getting them calmed down before bed. They are 15 minute collections of videos around a theme e.g Kick Start Your Day, Zumba Dance Party, Stress Busters or Mega Workout, they are also a great way to discover new channels.

There are currently 13 different channels to choose from that will appeal to different kids, and have different themes. My 8 year-old son’s favorite channel is Moose Tube. On Moose Tube kids dance and sing along to a variety of chants and active songs such as Professor Ding-a-Dong (a variation of “Father Abrahams) and watch out for the big red dancing moose! My daughter prefers dancing to pop songs on the Kidz Bop channel. Although Go Noodle is designed primarily for kids from 3-12 there are some channels that older kids, and adults will enjoy. Fresh Start Fitness is a great way to get an active work out and “grown up” enough that my Middle Schooler and I can enjoy working out together with it.

The active channels are great for getting the kids exercising or getting out excess energy on a rainy day but there are also channels that are great for quieter watching. One of my favorites is the Flow channel which I like to watch with my kids when I feel they are stressed. It has a series of calming, meditative videos to help focus and relieve stress and tension. My kids also enjoy watching the “brainercise with Mr Catman” videos, it is really challenging trying to do different actions with both hands or feet at the same time but a great way to work on your co-ordination skills.

One nice additional feature is when the kids are Go Noodling via the Apple TV they will get a 30 min warning to let them know they’ve been playing for 30 minutes and might want to take a break, I wish all apps had this!!

Overall, I have found GoNoodle a great resource – it has a great selection of fun active videos to get kids up, moving, exercising and dancing – getting fit and active and having fun at the same time. It has a great selection of different channels to suit different ages and tastes and I love that new videos are being added all the time. As well as the exercise videos it also has some great tools for improving co-ordination, relieving stress, and calming down after a busy day. I love that it is a totally free kid safe app- no adverts or in-app purchases and think it is a perfect fit for the AppleTV as its much easier to join in and dance or exercise along with a video on the big screen of your TV rather than on a computer or tablet screen. Highly recommended!

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NOTE: An Apple TV was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.




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