– Turning Your Smartphone Videos and Photos into Beautiful Movies

Do you take most of your videos and photos using your Smartphone? You are not alone, in 2017 it was estimated that 85% of all photos taken were taken using a Smartphone. Taking videos and photos on your phone is really easy and convenient and with all the technological advances in the last few years the latest phones can take very good quality images. However, there is one major drawback with taking videos on your phone- often they just stay on your phone or computer or in the cloud, never to be seen again. is a new service aiming to preserve the memories of your best Smartphone videos and photos and turn them into DVDs for easy viewing. Unlike creating your own movie from your pictures and video clips is very quick and easy. You download an app to your phone and select the photos and videos that you would like to include from your camera role. You don’t have to edit them, choose a soundtrack, add effects or insert transitions, does all that. The DVDs are archival quality and preserve your original content as well as creating a movie for you.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the service and I was impressed by how easy it was. Creating home movies is something that has long been on my wish list, but I never seem to find time to use iMovie to do so. I think the last time we actually created a movie from our video clips was when my twins were babies and they are now almost 11 years old! I’m really looking forward to being able to watch home movies of our families precious memories again. creates movies up to 30 min long from the video clips and photos on your phone. To use the service you first download the Yours app then select which videos and photos you want to include. You see the videos and photos from your camera roll as thumbnails,  and you simply tap on the ones you want to include. Each Magic Movie can include up to 99 videos and up to 250 photos. You don’t have to do any editing at all yourself,  just select the content and does the rest. Once you have selected the content, you choose a cover image and title then submit your shipping and payment information.  After this is complete your images start uploading, the app needs to be kept open until the upload is complete. My suggestion is to  switch off your screen auto lock and start the upload before bed, as I found it took several hours for my photos and movies to upload. Once they are uploaded sit back, relax and wait for your movie to arrive

Your media is used to create a movie with transitions, effects and music using military grade archiving technology and is sent to you on an archival DVD. They are also planning to launch a streaming service to allow you to share your movies with family and friends where ever they are. The service is set to cost $35 per movie but it has just launched on Kickstarter where you can get a substantial discount. The Kickstarter was fully funded in the first 24 hours, and I like the service enough that I was an Early Bird backer myself! Its not too late to grab a bargain so check out their Kickstarter today

Introducing Qi Aerista: The Ultimate Wifi-Enabled Smart Tea Maker

kickstarter-headerNow Available on Kickstarter

SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2016, 11:00 ET Keyway Innovations is proud to announce the launch of Qi Aerista, the ultimate WiFi-enabled smart tea maker. Qi Aerista will make the perfect cup of tea in just minutes, whether it’s hot traditional tea, cold-brewed tea, or even exceptionally strong brew tea for your favourite milk tea. Starting today, people can support Qi Aerista on Kickstarter at

“Tea is delicate and when brewed properly, makes a tremendous difference in taste, ” said Rick Ha, Founder and CEO of Keyway Innovations. “That is why we created Qi Aerista to simplify the brewing process for all types of tea. Even someone new to tea can enjoy a perfect cup every time.”

Qi Aerista’s patented circulative infusion system will heat and maintain a consistent water temperature specific to your tea type, then a circulative water flow optimally immerses and steeps the tea leaves with precise time control for optimal infusion. With its unique tea-water separation architecture, Qi Aerista addresses the problems of over or under-steeping of tea faced by today’s tea drinkers.


Qi Aerista includes 6 different preset brewing programs for cold brewing, floral, green, black, oolong, and milk tea. With Qi Aerista’s app, users can access advanced functions such as customizing water temperature and brewing time with per degree/second precision, managing the brewing process remotely, setting reservation timers, and discovering the world of tea.

“Qi Aerista has been showcased at various international tea events in 2016 and we’ve received great support and feedback from the tea community,” noted Karen Wan, co-founder of Keyway Innovations. “After years of developing Qi Aerista to provide an enjoyable tea experience, we can’t wait to bring this unique smart tea maker to tea lovers around the world”.

Qi Aerista is available in two colors for $99 exclusively on Kickstarter during the first 24 hours after launch. It will increase to $149 until the campaign ends on December 14, with worldwide shipping to backers starting in June 2017. Qi Aerista will retail for $239.

About Keyway Innovations:

Founded in 2013, Keyway Innovations is a hardware startup based in Hong Kong, focusing on delivering a quality tea experience to all passionate tea lovers around the world. Founders Rick Ha, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, and Co-founder Karen Wan, CPA and Certified Tea Evaluator, lead the team. With their love for a good cup of tea and years of experience in R&D and financial management, their vision is to bring more tea lovers into the world of tea and reinvent people’s tea experience through simplicity and innovation. For more information on Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker, visit or email us at

News: Palo Alto Innovation Launches new Sandman Clock





The alarm clock re-booted to support modern consumers’ growing number of devices

SANTA CLARA, California, Thursday, November 19, 2015 – Palo Alto Innovation, an elite group of

designers, engineers, and businessmen who love gadgets, today announced the launch of The

Sandman Clock.

The Sandman Clock re-imagines the classic alarm clock for the twenty-first century. Its contemporary,

neutral design combines intuitive controls with the largest auto-adjustable display of its type, integrated

cable management, and four USB ports to keep multiple consumer devices charged and ready to go.

Until The Sandman Clock, consumers could not purchase an alarm clock with more than two USB

ports plus cable management for under $50. The Sandman Clock addresses consumers’ needs and is

now available for pre-order priced at $29.

“We are focused on developing unique products that make life easier for how consumers use their

products today,” said Alex Tramiel, Founder of Palo Alto Innovation. “The Sandman Clock is an

uncompromised design with a distinctive silhouette that supports the ever-increasing number of

devices consumers rely on.”

With the continued rise in smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, fitness tracker, gaming controller, and

backup battery sales, the average consumer’s nightstand is overwhelmed by the weight and power

requirements of all their devices. As a result, current charging setups are usually a chaotic mess of

cables and devices can miss out on a full charge rendering them useless. The current solutions are

either ineffective or expensive and the problem will worsen as consumers look to connect more

devices with greater power needs. According to Cisco* there will be 2.5 devices including tablets and

smartphones for every person on earth and five devices for every Internet user by 2017.

To learn more, please visit

*Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2014–2019 White Paper


About Palo Alto Innovation

Founded in March 2015, Palo Alto Innovation focuses on making life easier, one gizmo at a time. The

company solves everyday consumer problems with elegant, efficient and cost-effective products.

News: InstruMMents, Founded by Misfit Shine Creators, Launches 01: World’s First Dimensioning Instrument


MONTREAL – November 1, 2016 – InstruMMents, an innovation company founded by the creators of Misfit Shine, introduces 01, the world’s first dimensioning instrument. 01 rolls over straight, curved or contoured objects to intuitively capture, log, and share dimensions. Elegantly carved in aluminum, 01 is contained within a pen, pencil or stylus, and wirelessly connects to smartphones.

“There is a dire need to rethink how we capture and use dimensions,” said founder and CEO, Mladen Barbaric. “Measuring tape, for example, hasn’t really changed since its creation in 1860.” The InstruMMents team is a collective of veterans in device and software development, looking to tackle this problem.“Mladen and his team are some of the best product designers I’ve ever worked with, and have once again reimagined an important product category,” stated John Sculley, ex-CEO of Apple® and PepsiCo and co-founder of Misfit.


01 uses a proprietary multi-sensor system, requires only one hand to dimension and is the only such device in the world that works on 3D surfaces. Used to de-sign buildings, fit clothes or hang pictures, it helps makers and weekend decora-tors intuitively capture linear or contoured lengths. No charging required; batter-ies last up to six months.Users can also log, search, and share dimensions using the InstruM-Ments iOS and Android apps.Other features include:
•Unit Selection: dynamically convert between metric and imperial.
•Scale: dimension drawings or maps in any scale.
•Quick W-H-D: captures width, height and depth automatically, making dimensioning boxes fast. ‘
•Blink Interval: Set up grids, hang things equally apart or gauge rough dimensions without your phone.

01 is available now for $149 US at, and select retail locations worldwide starting December 1. Each 01 can be personalized with a signature. IntruMMents will include a Saffiano sleeve with the first 20,000 orders, after which sleeves can be purchased online starting at $29along with ink, lead and battery refills