Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System by Leitz – Review & Giveaway


What we love…

super easy to use printer that makes labels on either a small or large scale in a cost effective easy to use printer

What we’d love to see…

a small bag to carry the printer and it’s supplies in as well as the ability to print out labels for companies like FedEx and UPS


I loved this printer.  It was easy to use and I never had to hunt for my Sharpie or worry about ink smudges or even if I had enough labels to make it worthwhile to print.

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The Leitz Icon by Leitz is a smart labeling system that uses a small printer, app for your iOS or Android device and labels.  I’ve been using the Leitz all summer and labeling various things from folder labels to boxes and bins in the house.  The Leitz Icon consists of a printer, various rolls of labels as well as an app you can install on either your iOS or Android devices which uses built in Wi-Fi so people can just connect, print and go. The drop-in cartridges make it easy to swap out labels to the proper size in moments.  You can also plug it directly into your computer via a USB option as well.  There is an optional battery pack which didn’t come with my Leitz which will allow you to use it in the car or on the go.   It’s like having a label maker, a label printer and a desktop printer all in one compact device that you can move around your house or bring with you on the go to print labels when and where you need them.    You can add icons or logos to the labels, import addresses from an address book or a spreadsheet and keep it so if you have to reprint labels it’s easy to do.

It’s super easy to create a label on the fly using my iPhone and then just hitting the “print” button after ensuring I had the right size labels inside my printer.  Last weekend, I put it to a further test as I had a pile of school supplies to label for my older son before starting school this week.  I laid them all out on the counter – and plugged in my Leitz.  Within moments, it was on and I connected via wi-fi.  I swapped out the labels to a smaller size and created a label.  I hit print 15 times and my labels were made!  In less than 10 minutes between my son and I we had everything labeled and put into the right places and were ready for school.  I didn’t have to worry about smudged ink or the teacher not thinking we didn’t provide school supplies.  Plus, the labels were neat and easy to put on by both my seven year old and I.  This weekend I’m tackling another mailing with the Leitz – it’s a small one so normally I would just hand write out the labels, but this time I’m using the Leitz.  If you need to print another size, you simply remove the current labels you have in the printer, and swap out the cartridge.  No fuss, no muss and best of all you don’t have to worry that you didn’t use up all of the labels on the sheet and try to figure out what you can use the others for.  My son also needed snacks this week at daycare and I couldn’t find my sharpie.  I went over and plugged in my Leitz and in moments had my labels printed and ready to go!

I loved how easy it was to use and switch between cartridges.  One of my biggest challenges in the past when making labels what I tried to minimize the waste on a traditional sheet by using as many labels as possible.  This led to me handwriting out many folder labels as well as address labels since I was worried about the waste.  With Leitz – there’s none of that.  If you need 1 label or 20 you can print and be on the go within moments.  The price of the labels is similar to what you’d pay for a box of labels and you have the added convenience of neat labels in moments.  Even my seven year old loves the Leitz and he used it to label his Lego collection when he recently opened a bunch of the boxes up and didn’t want the bags to get mixed up.  I also loved it used thermal technology which meant I didn’t have to worry about my ink drying out or even worse leaking when I was using it on the go.

In terms of improvements, I wish that the Leitz came with a bag to hold the printer and all of it’s supplies.  Currently I have  another bag I’m using but I wish there was an easier solution.  I have a variety of label sizes I keep with my Leitz as I never know when I will need it or what size.  I also wish that I had gotten the optional battery pack or that it was included in the device.  I love the thought that it could come everywhere with me, in seconds.  It’s lightweight enough to put in a bag or purse so you can make labels fast and on the go.     I do wish I could print return labels like those for UPS or FedEx which come as PDF’s but I wasn’t able to get the images to print clearly – I know this is outside of the scope of the printer, but it would be a great feature for the future especially because it’s already sticky and can go straight on the box.

In short, this device made many tasks so much easier for me.  Instead of having to hand label things and worry about finding a sharpie or ink smudges I simply plugged in my Leitz, put in the right cartridge and was ready to go in moments.  This is a great device for anyone that makes labels (either a small or large quantity) and would be perfect in a home office, used by a teacher in the classroom, used by a person doing either large or small mailings, or even if you were moving instead of having to carry a sharpie with you.

Weight: 3 lbs
Optional Battery: 1 lb

The Leitz retails for $115 RRP and is available from a variety of retailers including Amazon, Staples, and other retailers.

Leitz Icon Software Leitz Icon Software by Esselte Corporation

Price: $FREE

Leitz Icon Software works with your Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System to print labels, banners, badges and cards with just a few swipes. The app uses AirPrint to connect to your Leitz Icon label printer.

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