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  1. Giuseppe Ragazzini

    Hi thank you for your great web site and for your amazing work.
    I’m an Italian visual artist who recently created a new creative and educational app for children: Mixerpiece
    I would really like you to know about this app and of course hope you like it and review it…
    The app recently won two awards:
    -Best New Mobile App 2018 and Parents’ Choice golden award 2018

    Mixerpiece is a sort of digital magnetic board, with more than 200 items and shapes which you can use and combine to create new works of art while learning art history.
    In fact all of the items you can play with and mix together are taken from some of the greatest masterpieces of all times
    The creative possibilities are endless.

    Two of the amazing Mixerpiece’s functions are:
    • Tap and hold on the items to show you the details, and the original masterpiece the items come from.
    • Shake the ipad for a different arrangement

    At the end you can send your artwork as a postcard, share it and save it on the Mixerpiece global gallery.
    Promo code: F7LL6FL93ALF

    Google Play link:

    Official Web site:

    Thanks a lot for your attention! Hope to hear from you, Giuseppe Ragazzini

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