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Column Subtraction:

Column Subtraction Column Subtraction by Esa Helttula

Price: $3.99 USD

This math app can be used to teach and study the column subtraction method. The app is easy to use and it has an intuitive interactive interface with customizable colors and other settings. The user can.


Fraction Math:

Fraction Math Fraction Math by Esa Helttula

Price: $3.99 USD

The Fraction Math app can be used to teach and study fractions by solving addition, subtraction, division and multiplication problems with fractions step by step. "Quite a useful app for learning.


Whole Number Rounding:

Whole Number Rounding Whole Number Rounding by Esa Helttula

Price: $3.99 USD

This math app can be used to teach and study the rounding of whole numbers. You can set your own problems or solve random problems. The numbers to be rounded can have up to 8 digits.

The Whole .


Lattice Multiplication:

Lattice Multiplication Lattice Multiplication by Esa Helttula

Price: $3.99 USD

This app can be used to teach and study the ancient lattice multiplication method. Solving lattice multiplication problems is also excellent times tables practice. The app is very easy to use and it has.




  1. thpeech

    AANLWMTRJPMJ Column Subtraction-Mahalo nui!

  2. thpeech

    Mahalo for #8 Fraction Math: HJ47J6KMPA7E

  3. m0mof6

    AFFEP4XLWXMT- Grimm’s Red Riding Hood THANKS!

  4. Genie Curti-Ruddle

    KX79NFLET63K -Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel! I have the 1940’s book so it will be a great compare and contrast ! Mahalo nui!

  5. Bonnie Bobeck

    9PE4YH3TP7KM Thank you!!!

  6. Radhi

    Thanks for Rocket Math

  7. Ash

    Thanks for the promo code for “playground3 AAC edition …..used. a5d536899232

  8. Kristy

    Thank you!! Got the 4th Trucks & Shadows 🙂

  9. smthinaboutmary

    Used code #4 for Help the bored elephant find his friends. Thanks!

  10. vlmaples

    I got #5 123 Kids Fun ANIMATED PUZZLE; thanks!

  11. Nancy

    Thanks for the Puss in Boots promo code!

  12. Radhi

    Thanks for the promocodes…

  13. Dawn

    Score! Penguins HL3NPLMFJ77R. Thanks!

  14. Amy

    Thanks for the Little Monster Storybook app – we have this book, so the app will be perfect add-on to help my kiddo read the story!

  15. Michelle Hebert-Moore S-LP

    Thank you for #1 Penguin Family, & #3s for All By Myself and Look out Larry promo codes!!!! Hoping for some Dr. Seuss codes 🙂

  16. Sherri Burgan

    Thank you got a code for Preschool games

  17. Michelle Hebert-Moore

    Thank you!!!!!! 🙂

  18. Anne


  19. Colleen Beard

    Thank you so much for the kis square promo!

  20. debbie

    yeh, cinderella promo code

  21. Connie

    Thank you!

  22. Erin T.

    Thank you so much! #1 for recipe organizer

  23. Dianne Saunders

    I used #5 for touchy numbers. Thanks!

  24. Emma Takes

    Yay:) Got the bottom one thanks:)

  25. kellimorton

    I got the first one, thank you 🙂

  26. Carrie

    #8 for Costume Chest. Thank you!

  27. Blair Hoffman

    Got the second Bear Went Over the Mountain code. Thanks!

  28. Danielle

    Thank you so much!!!!

  29. Dianne Saunders

    Thank you – I used the second code for The Bear Went Over the Mountain iPad version 🙂

  30. Samantha Bodde-Spangler

    thanks for the fun and excitement of trying to win some apps!

  31. Denise

    Bugs & Bubbles code #3, Thanks!!

  32. Lenna

    Thanks for iFirehouse!

  33. Stephanie

    Got the first one for 4kidcal. Thanks!

  34. Elizabeth

    Thanks for Pattern Match!

  35. Karen

    Thank you for the promo code for 123 kids fun peekaboo!

  36. Valerie

    Thanks for the promo code…I can’t wait to use animal babies and homes!

  37. Denise Murzyn

    Got the puzzle app. Thank you.

  38. Denise Murzyn

    Thanks for the promo codes.

  39. Amy N

    Thanks! I redeemed 4kid Cal #3

  40. Allison

    Thanks, first time I managed to get to a promo code before it expired. I got 5 little monkeys. Thanks!

  41. Sherri Jones

    Thanks for number 6!!!


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