Cubic Frog Apps Launches EduKitchen 1.0 for iOS Preschool Learning Game – News

EduKitchen- Toddlers & Preschoolers Educational Game![] Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada – Cubic Frog Apps is once again leaping to announce its latest educational app release, EduKitchen 1.0 for iOS, a well-designed, fun learning game for Preschoolers and Toddlers Ages 2-5 created to enhance their knowledge for making healthy food choices and living green while developing their logic and fine motor skills. EduKitchen has 18 various action packed kitchen activities where kids can play repeatedly to master everything and then receive surprise rewards for their accomplishments!

Children love to play in the kitchen so that is where our no muss, no fuss EduKitchen app delivers hours of logic based, early learning fun while also inspiring kids to eat healthy. 18 different activities encouraging them to choose fruits and vegetables along with recycling, sorting and even setting the table create a healthy and exciting educational environment. EduKitchen is a thrilling, entertaining, learning game for Toddlers and Preschoolers designed to enhance a child’s learning experience.

Along with nourishing their fine motor skills and sense of logic, Cubic Frog Apps Creative Pool understands the importance of your child’s need to develop their ability to make healthy food choices and foster an awareness of living green so they will understand the importance of taking good care of themselves and our planet.

Cubic Frog Apps is proud to have created a new learning experience for kids with our latest leading-edge app to hit the market, EduKitchen. The overall app is 100% user-friendly granting your children the freedom to imagine whatever they want with no set boundaries.

Cubic Frog Apps does not use any third party advertising or incorporate any In-App purchases, which makes our apps very safe for your kids. You can customize the game and turn off any activity you think your child is not ready for, including sounds. Setting pages are activated by a “Tap & Press” method preventing kids from reaching the control area leaving you in charge.

There are 18 mini games designed to play randomly one after another and every 5 games, kids will get surprise rewards! Guided by an amazing English voice over, your child can play with the game independently for hours.

* 18 Different Unique Learning Games And Quizzes Aimed At Preschoolers And Toddlers Ages 2 – 5 Including Sorting, Counting, Matching, Memory, Organizing, Healthy Choices, And More!
* Amazing English Voice Over
* Easy Settings Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game On Or Off!
* No Ads, No Distraction, No In-App Purchases
* Two Adorable Animated 3D Characters Guide Children In Their Learning Process
* 3D HD Colorful Graphics
* Innovative Rewards System And Flying Sticker
* Unlimited Play! The Fun Never Ends

Games Include:
* Make Eggs – Drag And Drop To Place Correct Number Of Eggs Into Frying Pan
* Recycle Bin – Find All The Items That Need To Go To Recycle Bin And Drop Them There
* Fruit Pop Topping – Add Different Fruits As Toppings To Fruit Pops
* Vegetable Soup – Find All Vegetables And Toss Them In The Pan To Make Vegetable Soup
* Set A Table – Drag And Drop Puzzle Pieces To The Right Place To Set The Table
* Fruit Face – Puzzle Game Kids Get To Make A Face With Fruits
* Cereal Bowl – Have Fun Adding Different Fruits To Cereal
* Toaster – Toast and Count Bread Slices
* Arrangements – Arrange 5 Fruits From Biggest To Smallest Or Smallest To Biggest
* Fruit Memory – Kids Match Pairs Of Fruits
* Juice Connect – Connect Each Fruit To Its Juice
* Healthy Food – Find Healthy Fruits And Vegetables Among Burgers And Ice Creams
* Refrigerator – Drag And Drop All The Objects That Belong In The Refrigerator Leaving Non-Refrigerator Objects Including Socks, T-Shirt, Plates, Etc., Behind
* Dishwasher – Pick Up All The Dirty Dishes And Put Them In The Dishwasher.
* Kitchen Timer – Set A Timer To A Certain Number
* Fruit Pop Match – Match Pairs Of Colorful Fun Fruit Pops
* Ice Cream Maker – And This One, While Not As Healthy, Is Loads of Fun And Parents Have The Option To Turn Off The Activity, But Even If We All Eat Healthy, Sometimes In The Game of Life We Have To Try Something Delicious So We Added This Game Selection
* And…. Every 5 Activities, Kids Will Get A Free Surprise Flying Sticker

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 16.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
EduKitchen 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available upon request.

Cubic Frog Apps is a Mobile Application development company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cubic Frog Apps, the creator of Preschool EduKitty, is a division of Cubic Frog Inc. Launched in 2010, the company develops unique iPhone and iPad Apps. With the launch of EduKitchen, the company now has two educational Apps in the App Store. Cubic Frog Apps is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Copyright (C) 2009 – 2011 Cubic Frog Apps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

The Australian iMum Amanda is a married mother of three young boys from North Queensland and has a background in Business Administration and Information Technology. An Apple enthusiast since 2005, Amanda was donned the nickname ‘The iMum’ due to her growing addiction to their products and her many, many apps. She now owns an iPod Nano, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini, 27″ iMac, 13″ Macbook Air and two Apple TV’s.

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The users have spoken! A huge congratulations to the developers of these wonderful apps. Our #1 app receives three months free advertising on! You can vote for your favourite apps at any time by giving them a rating at the bottom of their review and the highest rated apps at the end of the year will once again be featured. We look forward to bringing you more reviews in 2012!

Preschool Edukitty by Cubic Frog – Review

Reviewed by Alison

20111216-115516.jpgPreschool Edukitty by Cubic Frog Apps is a universal app which provides hours of fun teaching children a variety of games from matching patterns and sounds to colors, shapes, numbers, big and small sizes, as well as the alphabet guided by the cute kitty. There are three different skill levels that a parent can choose as well as a reward system which includes a visual reward of the kitty sliding down a slide and stamps. Cubic Frog Apps is a branch of Cubic Frog based in Las Vegas, Nevada which provides a variety of creative services including 3D modeling and graphic design.

I really liked the colors and illustrations in the app especially the 3D effects as they made it fun to play with. Our favorite game was the find the difference game which helped you find big versus little. The matching socks game was a hit as well and we have translated this to real life by looking at the socks in the sock drawer and matching them up. The stamps were a great reward system as well as the cat going down the slide for each correct answer. It was helpful to be able to set the settings for the games to an easier one as well as not showing certain games if they were beyond your child’s skill level. Once the child can master it, you knew that they understood all the concepts before moving on to the next level of the app.

I do wish that you could shut off the cat saying “Yay” or “Whee” as it went down the slide since we hear this multiple times during the game. It would also be nice to set up profiles for children so that if you had kids of varying ages that they could each play based on their own ability levels.

If you are looking for a fun, educational app for your preschooler which combines beautiful graphics as well as the ability to customize based on your child’s skill levels this will be a great app for your family. A video demo of the app provides a good visual overview. Priced at $2.99 in the United States app store, this would be a great addition to your idevice.

Category: Games
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later.
Cost: AU$2.99 Preschool EduKitty-Fun Educational Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers! - Cubic Frog Apps (12MB)

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