Kids? Panic! by DM Media Pty Ltd – Review

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What we love…

child friendly app that provides access to video’s that are appropriate for children with instant loading of the next video which makes it perfect for those moments when you need five minutes to yourself

What we’d love to see…

stronger parental gate, ability to choose your own video’s based on the pre-selected ones available within the app.  Also would like to see the ability to turn off access to the video’s unless on a wi-fi network since data charges could accrue quickly


Easy to use, child friendly although you do need to be aware of data charges if using a 3G network

Our Rating

Kids? Panic by DM Media Party Ltd is a universal app for iOS which links to child-appropriate YouTube video’s such as television shows, songs, nursery rhymes and more with each video being five minutes or less.  The app is simple to operate with a “panic” button on the main screen which when touched launches the video via YouTube.  Parents should be aware that the app does use data so if they do not want to use it with their data plans they will need to ensure that children do not have access to the app.

I liked that all of the video’s selected within the app were child friendly, although when I attempted to watch them to ensure they were appropriate it took quite a long time to make my way through all of them.    Once the video finishes, the next one begins immediately (although I would like to see a 30 gap to ensure that you can have a break in between) to ensure that your child continues to have access to the video’s.  This app was very helpful recently when I was on a quick but important telephone conversation and I was able to just hand the phone to my son to ensure that I had a few moments of peace.  Of note, parents can enable guided access on their device to ensure that children stay within the app which is helpful especially for younger children.

In terms of enhancements, I would like to see an option where parents can choose if they want to run the video’s via a 3G network or only via wifi.  If children got access to this app, data charges could add up very quickly since it uses YouTube video’s for the app.  I’d also like to see a more difficult parental lock as the 1-2-3-4 combination is fairly easy for older preschoolers and children to figure out especially if they see their parents do it.  Perhaps randomizing it to a random pattern of numbers (what is 1+3) help to ensure children did not accidentally gain access.  In addition, it would be helpful if the user could select the video’s they wished for their child to see.  Currently you can see a selection of which video’s are available, however, there is no way to create a “playlist” of favorites from the chosen video’s.  There were some video’s which I wished I could have excluded, but currently there is no way to do this.  I also think the title of the app is a bit misleading and may make it difficult for parents to find in the app store.

Overall, the app provides access to child friendly video’s in an easy to use interface.  I do recommend that a parental gate be installed to allow parents to create a playlist of video’s which they deem appropriate from the ones available within the app which would eliminate the need for the current 1-2-3-4 parental lock which children have been able to figure out after seeing their parents use it.  I also feel that there should be a setting which will not allow video’s to play over 3G unless the parent has specifically given permission for them to do so from within a parent protected area.


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Featured App: Watch and Find: VeggieTales Silly Songs Favorites – A Fingerprint Network App

sillysongs_photoHappy Birthday Bob and Larry!!! Everyone’s favorite singing vegetables, the Veggie Tales, are twenty years old this year and to celebrate Fingerprint Network have released Watch and Find: Veggie Tales Silly Songs Favorites. If you are a fan of the Veggie Tales you are sure to enjoy this classic collection of Silly Songs from the Veggie Tales archives that includes a bonus of a hidden object game with every video. Parents and children alike are sure to be giggling along to this great collection of Silly Songs.

The collection includes the following classics:

The Hairbrush Song
A classic video -Larry is desperately searching for his hairbrush, until Junior points out Larry doesn’t actually have any hair!

Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee)
Larry is watching his favorite daytime soap “Endangered Love” and serenades the heroine Barbara Manatee.

I Love My Lips

This is my personal favorite -Larry is on the Psychiatrists couch telling the story of what happened to his lips when he was a child.


The Water Buffalo Song
A cowboy Larry is happily singing “everyone’s got a Water Buffalo” until Archibald points out it isn’t true and stops him singing, in a reprise Larry sings everyone has a baby kangaroo!!

His Cheeseburger
This video compares the lure of half-price bacon and eggs from Denny’s against the true love of a cheeseburger.

Sneeze if You Need To
Bob visits Dr Larry the Sneeze Doctor.
Pizza Angel
A hungry Larry is waiting desperately for his takeaway pizza order to arrive and he pleads to this Pizza Angel to bring his much anticipated meal.

It is safari time; in this hilarious episode Larry and Bob are on a photo-safari looking for a monkey (or an ape). Larry share the rule that “if it doesn’t have a tail its not a monkey its an ape”. This sounds like useful advice, until Larry starts identifying a kite as a monkey and a balloon as an ape!



Happy Toothday
Larry serenades his single tooth, and shows how to take care if it by brushing too.
The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything
Larry, Pa Grape and Mr Lunt are the infamous gang of pirates who do nothing and they serenade us with all the things they’ve never done.


More songs including: Song of the Cebu, Bubble Wrap and Sippy Cup scheduled to be coming soon.

Each video starts with the classic line “…and now for Silly Songs With Larry -the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song”. There are 12 hidden objects to find in each video and they are presented a few at a time during the scenes they are in. Every time the child finds an object they are given positive reinforcement, at the end of the video they see their score and are praised for trying. This is a fun activity and great for working on visual perception, but if a child is too young to do it, or they just want to watch the video and enjoy the song they can.

The whole family will be laughing along to this classic collection of silly songs, and with ten songs to choose from there is something for everyone. The hidden objects games are a great way to work on visual perception skills and contain lots of positive reinforcement. Older children can enjoy the games and younger ones can just enjoy the videos and songs. The Veggie Tales can always be counted on to provide child-safe content and teach good family values whilst having fun! The app contains no third-party adverts, all songs are unlocked, and a parent lock protects all external links.

If you’d like to download Watch and Find: Veggie Tales Silly Songs Favorites, ($2.99, iPad/iPhone) please use this link so they’ll know who sent you:

Full version:

Watch and Find – VeggieTales Silly Song Favorites – A Fingerprint Network App – Weeblets, LLC


Price: $


NOTE: A fee was received to Feature this app.

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Grow a Reader by the Calgary Public Library – Today’s Featured Free App

What are Featured Free Apps? The iMums showcase a quality free app that we have installed, tested and recommend. Featured Free Apps are not lite versions, they are full versions that are free for a limited time only so you’ll need to be quick to grab them at the reduced price. Be sure to sign up to The iMums Daily Digest so you never miss a free app. Enjoy!

Grow a ReaderToday’s featured free app is called Grow a Reader by the Calgary Public Library. This app teaches parents and caregivers how to develop early literacy skill through finger plays, interactive rhymes, lullabies and songs. I loved that it also provided suggestions of books to read with your child as well. I know when I was a new mom I would have appreciated an app for this as library story-time was not always convenient for me. The app does contain external web links to the Calgary Public Library which are behind the picture books as it brings you to the card catalog. This app is a wonderful addition to your digital toolbox and helped me remember some of my favorite rhymes and songs from childhood.

Grow A Reader app

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Size: 0 MB



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