10 Great Kids Book Apps For Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, and pumpkins everywhere, there is nothing like a good book to get you in the right mood. Here are 10 of our favorite kids book apps to get children ready to celebrate Halloween.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown by Loud Crow. For Halloween nostalgia nothing beats the peanuts gang. Loud Crow have done a great job of bringing this Halloween Classic to life. It is presented as a pop-up book and you can read it yourself or have it narrated by Peter Robbins (the original Charlie Brown). It has animations, interactive elements and the original music and dialog. $5.99
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Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.
Price: $4.99 USD

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Oh, Great Pumpkin! Where are you? This Halloween, hang out with Charlie Brown.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App by Cupcake Digital
Hotel Transylvania 2 is the hot kids movie this Halloween and the official storybook app is a great way to prepare the kids before seeing the movie or relive it afterwards. the app features scenes and character voices from the movie and bonus coloring pages. iTunes link

Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App by CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC.
Price: $2.99 USD

Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award, Children’s Technology Review (CTR).

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The Witch With No Name by SlimCricket. A funny and very interactive tale about a witch who has lost her name, and is very grumpy as a result. Her Bat Battina decides to help her find her name, and together they go about collecting all the ingredients needed for a spell to find out her name. This app is very well done, fun, well narrated and the reader really gets to be part of the story with several interactive mini-games. $3.99
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The Witch With No Name HD The Witch With No Name HD by SlimCricket
Price: $2.99 USD

The Witch With No Name is an artful blend of story and games

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The Bedsby Tales: Spooky Short Stories with Monsters, Myths, Ghosts and More!By Jacob Duane Johnson. This short interactive tale does a great job of setting a spooky scene with fantastic narration, music, sound effects and black and white illustrations. The first tale is free, other installments are expected later. Free
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Trick or Treat – Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media. A perfect introduction to Halloween for 2-5 year olds. Little Critter is preparing for Halloween, and taking part in traditional Halloween activities with his family. $1.99
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Trick or Treat – Little Critter Trick or Treat – Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media
Price: $0.99 USD


Join Little Critter in this interactive storybook app as he gets ready for Halloween! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with.

Haunted House ~ 3D Pop-Up Activity Book by StoryToys Entertainment Limited is not a story but rather a series of fun interactive activities presented as a 3-D pop-up book. It has eleven different 3-D scenes to explore with ghoulish games and creepy activities. The eerie background music and sound effects really set the scene. $1.99 (IAP for more stickers and jigsaws)
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StoryToys Haunted House StoryToys Haunted House by StoryToys Entertainment Limited
Price: $1.99 USD

As night falls in the spooky forest, monsters are stirring in the Haunted House. Do come in – if you DARE!

In this house, it’s halloween all year round, so come meet the monsters, play games, .

Tilly Witch – by Auryn apps. This is a classic Halloween story based on the book published in 1969 by Don Freeman. Tilly is the Queen of Halloween, the meanest witch in all Witchdom. One day she is playing at being happy and it sticks – she can’t go back to being mean. But what does this mean for Halloween, who will scare the children?
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What Was I Scared Of ? by Oceanhouse Media. In this classic Dr Seuss tale the hero meets “a pair of pale green pants with no-body inside them”, at first he convinces himself that he isn’t scared but the more often he seems them the more terrified he gets. A great story about overcoming your fears. $0.99
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The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Oceanhouse Media. Spookley is ostracised by the other pumpkins because of his odd shape, but as a storm sets in and rolls the round pumpkins uncontrollably across the pumpkin patch towards a raging river, Spookley saves the day. A charming, wholesome story about social acceptance which includes a very important message that it’s OK to be different. $2.99
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The Legend of Spookley The Legend of Spookley by Oceanhouse Media
Price: $2.99 USD

Join Spookley the Square Pumpkin in this special tale of tolerance and self-acceptance that’s just right for Halloween… or any time of the year! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize.

Who is The Ugliest Of All? by Joshua and Donna Wilson. In this quirky, interactive Halloween -themed tale the reader is a fly on the wall as a girl gets ready to go a party. As she chooses her outfit, applies makeup and adds some rather unusual accessories it seems she has really poor taste. But is there another reason for her unusual style and conviction that she will be the ugliest of all ?/
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