Air Angel™ by Air Oasis – Review

As a Mom of two we have our fair share of germs pass through the house. The most recent germ in the house was croup and we planned to leave on vacation a few days after it died down. I was given an Air Angel™ by Air Oasis and since my husband hadn’t yet gotten sick I thought that testing it out in our minivan during the trek north for three hours was worth a try. The Air Angel™ is an air sanitizer which cleans the air and sanitizes it in a 250 square foot radius. That made it perfect for the car ride – and miracously no one else got sick. The Air Angel comes in a zippered pouch that holds the Air Angel, a AC power cord as well as a plug for use in the car. When I used it in the car, I set it on the floor plugged in between the two front seats so as to not create a projectile if we had to stop suddenly.

There’s really no noise to it, simply a small whirring noise and I loved how “fresh” the air felt even after four hours in the car. There are three settings, low, medium and high. We used it on medium or high when the coughing was at its worst, hoping it would help keep the germs at bay. It didn’t seem stale, unlike other trips when we used the air conditioner and drove down the highway. Even though my toddler was coughing in the back seat, and I was coughing in the front seat my husband never got it. We were all in close proximity NO ONE ELSE GOT SICK even when we visited with people during our trip! Set up was easy, simply open the box, plug in a power source, slide on a piece if you are using it in the house to elevate it and in less than five minutes the air is starting to be sanitized.

I really liked that it came in a pouch which made it easy to use it in the nursery – and as a bonus it neutralized the dirty diaper smell with a small nightlight, in the car, and in my kitchen while cooking. The Air Angel™ is about the size of the palm of your hand and uses ionization to sanitize and scrub the air. The device uses advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation technology which destroys germs as they pass through UV Light and destroys odors in the process. Since we have started using it more regularly at home, my older son who has sinus problems has tried it out for a few nights. He has said he isn’t as “stuffy” as he was on other mornings even though the only thing that changed was the Air Angel. In the nursery though, it did a great job keeping the germs and smell of dirty diapers at bay. It’s super portable meaning you can bring it with you easily and sets up in moments.

In terms of enhancements to the product, I wished that it would clean a bit larger spaces. Our house downstairs is open concept and although I had high hopes of it cleaning the entire space at once, the device simply wasn’t powerful enough. I did a Petri Dish Test, and let’s just say that I think the croup germs colonized in my son’s room. I was horrified at what I saw. There were a few days that passed between the time I did the Petri Dish Test and using the unit for the first time, but the second time around the result was a much cleaner dish. I do wish the price was a bit more consumer friendly, at about $250 for the unit it is an investment, but it worked wonderfully in our home.

If you or a loved one have allergies, the Air Angel might be a solution which could save you sinus issues or from the entire family getting sick on vacation. Cough and cold season is almost upon us and I’m going to be testing out the Air Angel™ more to see if it makes a difference in our families health.

The Air Angel™ retails for approximately $250. It is available at Air Angel and Amazon among other retailers.