Art Class with Dr. Panda by Dr. Panda – Review

Art Class with Dr. Panda is the latest addition to the Dr. Panda suite of apps. This universal app takes kid-art to a whole new level of enjoyment and allows your children to make one of six different art projects with their favorite animals from the Dr. Panda series. The activities include: making a kite, cutting to make a design, making a pinwheel, making pottery, making a bead design and decorating an object with shapes. Skills practiced in the app include: fine motor, creative thinking, sequential thinking, creative play and of course FUN!

Hands down,my son said this is his favorite Dr. Panda app! He loved shaping the pottery on the pottery wheel, watching it get fired in the kiln and the painting it with the rainbow colored paintbrush. I also loved that the art book hanging on the wall allows your child to choose an activity (from the ones available in the app) as well as choosing an animal at the table. We had fun with all of the activities in the app – and also really enjoyed the cutting one which required you to fold a piece of paper in a specific way and then make cuts with scissors prior to unfolding it to see your design. I also thought the hand was helpful to guide children especially for some of the more difficult activities.

The activities included:

  • Make your own kite which allowed your child to choose from five patterns including: traditional diamond shaped kite, butterfly kite, airplane kite, dragonfly kite, and an angel shaped kite. You choose your favorite and then decorate it with markers with the shapes transferring using symmetry from one side to the other, put on your favorite tail, attach a design to the string and then you fly it up into the sky while popping or flying past shaped balloons.
  • Cutting a piece of paper which had you pick a piece of paper from a choice of six different types and fold it according to instructions, cut it, stamp it and then it unfolds to become a piece of artwork.
  • Pottery Wheel which starts with a piece of clay in a tube that you can make into a design using your fingers. Once you have made the design, it is fired and you can then decorate it with markers.
  • Decorating an object – these reminded me of Mister Potato Head where you picked an object and then could decorate it with any variety of eyes, noses, mouths, hair, hats, and even neckties. This game did require that be placed in the holes and then it came to life and did a dance.
  • Making a Pinwheel – This was another favorite activity of my son as it involved folding the paper, selecting a button for the middle to hold it together and then putting “trails” on the outside edges” which would fly when you spun it through the air with your finger.
  • Bead Objects – no art class would be complete without making a beaded object. In this game, you are presented with three boxes of beads and a small board which highlights where to place the beads. After placing them, you iron them on and then they turn into an object – my son loved the butterfly! The one harder thing about this app is that a box lights up where you have to place a bead and sometimes if you were not quick enough it would not allow you to place the bead there.

I would love to see coloring on a piece of paper added as an additional activity – either in a coloring book style page featuring all of the great artwork from Dr. Panda or on a plain piece of paper. It would also be great if there was a gallery to store your favorite art projects in as currently when you complete them, they are shown on the screen for a moment and then disappear forever. I’ve started taking camera roll shots of them to save our favorites. It would also be fun if there were stickers or other art supplies added into the different art activities.

Art Class with Dr. Panda is another great addition to the Dr. Panda suite of apps. I loved that this app had no mess and allowed my son to do art projects via my iPhone or iPad to his hearts content without having to ask for help. Check out our reviews of Dr. Panda Teach Me, Dr. Panda Hospital, Dr. Panda Veggie Garden, Dr. Panda’s Daycare, Dr. Panda Restaurant, and Dr. Panda Supermarket which are all part of this fantastic series of apps. The app is currently on an introductory sale of $0.99 so be sure to grab it before the price goes up! This app kept my son entertained for hours, and we have now started doing some of the projects using real paper, art supplies and scissors allowing for a nice carryover of skills. I also enjoyed hearing my son describe each of his creations after he made them.