Beck and Bo – Review & Giveaway

Beck and Bo is a unique fun, educational app for children aged 2-6 years old. It is available as a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and is also available for Android. It is part puzzle, part free play. Children play with objects in the scenes, listen to their names and sounds, and see how these words are spelled in the interactive albums. It contains twelve different scenes to explore. There are no adverts, social media links or in-app purchases. It can be enjoyed in English or Swedish. The app is accompanied by lively background music and realistic sound effects. In the sound settings you can choose from sounds only, sounds and names or mute settings.

The app is designed to look like a collage, the background looks like cardboard and the different elements look like they were drawn or cut out from a variety of materials. Each scene starts with a simple background, then objects appear one by one, for the child to place in the scene. If the child doesn’t place the object a circle appears over it to remind them. Once the object is in its correct position it comes to life e.g. the sun shines, the clouds move across the sky and the radio plays music. If names are switched on the name of the object is also spoken – this is great for young children learning the names of objects, and I like the ability to switch it off for older children. Once the scene is complete the child earns a star and access to that scene’s interactive album. In the album they can see all the objects from that scene, with the name written beside it (in lowercase letters), touching the name or object causes the name to be spoken. It would be nice to also have an uppercase option for children just learning their letters. This feature is good not only for young children learning object names, but also for word recognition in kindergarten students learning to read.

There are a nice variety of scenes for the child to play with and learn from, including a beach scene, a grocery store, an African safari, a snowy day, and a park. Beck and Bo are a boy and girl, and they appear in every scene, the child can interact with them e.g. by sending them on a sled ride, helping them swim in the ocean or swinging them on a swing. There are also other elements they can interact with e.g. using the watering can to water the flowers, picking apples from the tree or throwing a ball to knock down stacks of rubber ducks at the carnival. The grocery store scene also works on visual perception as Beck and Bo think of objects, and the child has to find them and put them in their shopping trolley. When creating the scenes the objects do have to be placed in a logical place e.g. clouds in the sky or a window on a house, but the child can still use their imagination and creativity in playing with the non-fixed objects such as Beck and Bo and various animals and toys.

This is a wonderful app for toddlers and pre-schoolers and unlike any other I have seen. Younger elementary school age children will enjoy it too – my five-year-old daughter has had many hours of fun with it. Highly recommended. A free lite version is also available which allows you to explore three of the scenes.

Beck and Bo by Avokiddo
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