Build With Grandpa by Fairlady Media – Review

Build with Grandpa by Fairlady Media is universal app for iOS designed to help kids with a variety of building as well as teaching them about environmental re-use as kids knock down buildings, drive a construction truck and design a new home to be built. The app includes six mini educational games which require choice of equipment from a field, addition which items add up to x number, painting, decorating, designing a house and more! It appeals to preschool, toddler and elementary school depending on which things your kids like to do with the app. Skills practiced in the app include, math to number 9, literacy through reading and identifying words, design, creativity, landscaping, problem solving, cause and effect. It also teaches skills about construction and how you go through the process of building something. This is the 13th app in the app store by Fairlady Media and among my younger son’s favorites.

It was interesting to see my toddler play with the app – he was more into demolishing the old house and clearing the lot as well as dumping the gravel from the truck. Since he’s only 2 I didn’t expect him to be able to do the higher level games which required addition or foundation words. My older son on the other hand was interested in the process — and followed along with the app from start to finish and really enjoyed building a house from design to final build. The two of them had played at various points – so my younger picked the design of the house while my older finished it up. Both my kids equally enjoyed the different construction related video’s. My younger son didn’t capture the idea that you could raise and lower the boom with the wrecking ball whereas my older son was much more deliberate with his actions. To be honest, I was happy to see an app that appealed to both of them. My older son loved painting the house in primary colors and adding the windows, doors and finishing touches. He loves doing art and design so I wasn’t surprised by this request. My older son would ask Siri if he didn’t recognize a piece of equipment used in the house and enjoyed parking the equipment after finishing the foundation. I enjoyed both kids narrating the app and telling me what they were doing.

In terms of improvements, I wish that I could turn on and off activities that either my kids liked or disliked or were too developmentally difficult (like math for my 2 year old!) and still be able to play. My older son would have liked a paintbrush so he could do more detail work when finishing the house up.

Overall, this is a fun construction themed app that has a wide appeal to kids that allows them to design different houses from start to finish and then take a photo of their creations! There are no in-app purchases or advertising other than for other Fairlady Media games in the app.