Dr. Panda’s Daycare by Dr. Panda – Review & Giveaway

Dr. Panda’s Daycare by Dr. Panda is the newest app in the Dr. Panda series. Their newest app features Dr. Panda in a daycare setting where your child is in a virtual playhouse with five baby animals. The animals have a playroom where they can rock on a rocking horse, bounce on a ball or play with a train. In the kitchen they can pretend to have a birthday party, have breakfast or lunch and cook foods. Upstairs there is a stage and instruments for them to play with and a naptime room. There is also a backyard where kids can play with a slide, bouncy pit or pool.

My son really enjoyed the app the first few times he played with it and moved a variety of objects from room to room as he moved around with the animals. We also loved touching the windows in the playroom and bedroom and turning the weather from sunny to rainy as well as closing the curtains. The colors and illustrations within the app are cute and for the most part functional. My son enjoyed the music room especially for the performances, but wondered why Dr. Panda wasn’t in the audience.

I wish that there was an art room as well as a place for the animals to sit for circle time. These are important elements at my son’s daycare and he said that he was looking for them. In the naptime room it would be nice if there were five hats instead of two as he was constantly switching around the hats so everyone could have one, just like the birthday hats in the kitchen. Some of the object placements seem off too, having a scooter in the nap room does not necessarily seem to be on target, but downstairs in the playroom it makes more sense. Being able to cut up the foods in the kitchen and serve them would have been nice rather than trying to serve an entire cake or an entire piece of food to an animal – which may or may not catch it in their mouth. I would also like to see the link on the main page to the other Dr. Panda games turned off. I tried to find a way to turn it off as it does lead to the app store, but couldn’t find a setting to do so. I settled for turning off the app store in my settings page. The ability to dress the animals as well as other activities such as sorting and categorizing would bring more content to the app as well.

The app encourages creative play and helps children understand that their choices can determine how the animals will play. It is best suited for late toddlers and preschoolers who will enjoy the setting while finding new toys to play with and switches to turn on and off. Be sire to check out our reviews of Dr. Panda’s Restaurant, Dr. Panda’s Hospital and Dr. Panda Teach Me to see the other apps in the series.

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Dr. Panda’s Daycare
by Dr. Panda Ltd
Category: Education, Family, Educational, Games
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3. Gen.), iPadThirdGen, iPhone4S, iPhone5s, iPadFourthGen, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 3G, iPad 3G, iPhone6, iPadMini, iPhone5, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPad WiFi, iPadMini4G, iPodTouchFourthGen, iPad 2 WiFI, iPhone6Plus, iPadFourthGen4G, iPhone5c
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