Dr. Panda’s Hospital by Tribeplay – Review

Reviewed by Alison

Dr. Panda’s Hospital – Fun Educational App for KidsDr. Panda’s Hospital by Tribeplay is a universal app which features eight different animals that your child will take to their hospital beds, discover and treat their health problems. The app features ten mini-games which include: treating an upset stomach, treating chicken pox, giving an injection, treating eyes, ears, mouth/teeth as well as retrieving mistakenly swallowed items. TribePlay was founded in 2008 and creates educational games for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android and is based in Chengdu, Western China. Dr. Panda and TribePlay are certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program which certifies child-friendly websites and applications including kid-targeted game sites, web-connected devices and other products. This app helps practice fine motor, sequencing, speech and discussion skills as well as creative/dramatic play. This app provides a great rendition of an animal hospital for children to interact with and treat all of the various animals.

I really liked that this app has your child take care of the patient from the time they enter the door to the time that they are well. My son and I named each of the animals so he knew who he was taking care of each time. His favorite animal was the sheep. He also liked earning the stickers after taking care of each animal. He really enjoyed playing the mini-game which required you to brush the animals teeth as well as take the various mistakenly swallowed items out of the animals stomach using a magnet. This led to a discussion about how we could use magnets and that we should be very careful before swallowing anything. My son also loved the special feature where you tapped on the bed and it turned into something – be sure to check that out!

The app also has you clean up both the waiting room and the hospital room after taking care of each patient – I would like to see the ability to change the bed rather than just picking up the trash on the floor. The mini-game which features the flashlight was difficult to figure out at first, but once we figured it out (meaning you have to shine the flashlight into the target) and then look inside the ear it was much easier to play. I think this app has lots of potential for additional animals and items that children can use to treat them as well as different conditions. My son also wished you could fly the patients home in the helicopter – which would be a cute enhancement to the app.

This app is well suited for children aged three to six that are curious about medical procedures and enjoy playing animal hospital. There is a significant amount of language express you can practice with your child as they get older and more acclimated to the app. We also just recently reviewed another app, Dr. Panda Teach Me! by the same developer which teaches counting, matching, memory games and numbers. The two apps together provide a variety of different experiences using the same main character, Dr. Panda.

Category: Education
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Cost: $1.99 Dr. Panda’s Hospital – Fun Educational App for Kids – TribePlay (62.3MB)
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