Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 by Tribeplay – Review

Dr. Panda Restaurant 2 by Tribeplay is a universal app for iOS that puts your little chef in a tropical kitchen and allows them to make food to delight their patrons. The app includes more than 20 ingredients including fish, eggs, peppers, tomatoes, three types of pasta, seasonings and more. You can boil, bake, fry and cop ingredients to make the perfect dish for your patrons who arrive in parties of two via a water taxi and place their orders. As you are making the item, the guest will stand at the window while you pick out the ingredients and make faces depending on what they want on their meal. Each dish allows you to put different toppings to satisfy their taste. The app includes a traditional diet as well as a switch for a vegetarian diet. The app practices attention to detail, fine motor required for chopping, slicing and laying out the ingredients as well as making sure the customers are getting the food that they want. In addition children follow recipes step by step which include making the pasta, pouring it into the colander, putting it on the plate and then making a sauce. Other tasks include rolling out the pizza dough before adding additional ingredients.

One of my son’s favorite features was seeing the different reactions of the animals to the foods either if they liked or disliked them as well as the salt/pepper ratio. He also loved the creativity which allowed him to experiment with different types of ingredients while making the dishes. As a parent, I thought the option to have vegetarian as well as a traditional menu was a good one since different people like different things. The graphics in the app were top notch and it felt very realistic when you were playing with the app. We loved how the customers arrived via the water and had the intimate restaurant with Dr. Panda to themselves. We also loved the refrigerator and pulling the handle to pick out the favorite ingredients and then choosing how we would prepare them.

In terms of enhancements, currently when making the meals you are only able to make it for one of the two individuals at a time. I’d like to see the ability to prepare both meals (either simultaneously or apart) to allow them to eat at the same time. I’d also like to see the currency collected after meals allow you to “upgrade” different features of the kitchen such as the newest kitchen gadget or tablecloth/napkins/place settings. I would also like to see some ethnic foods such as sushi included as well as the ability for the customers to order deserts after finishing their meal.

The app contains no third-party ads and contains a parental gate which allows you to turn off the pop up advertising for Dr. Panda Games which appears on the first screen of the app. There are no in-app purchases. External links are protected by a parental gate.

Overall, this app is a great addition to the Dr. Panda library of apps. It is best suited for slightly older children such as those age 5 and up compared to some of their earlier apps. The creative play and experimentation will appeal to budding chefs of all ages.