Dr. Panda’s Restaurant – Cooking Game For Kids by TribePlay – Review & Giveaway

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant – Cooking Game For Kids by TribePlay is the third app in the Dr. Panda series. This universal app features interactive mini-games which include seating a variety of animals (patrons) and cooking a dish that they have in mind. Activities’ practiced in the app include fine motor via chopping a variety of foods, peeling, sautéing in a frying pan, pinching and squeezing for making of juice, toasting and preparing bread along with cooking a variety of foods. There are a variety of different dishes in rotation to be prepared and served to the various animals including soups, decorating cookies, making apple pie, a variety of fruit drinks and his personal favorite pizza. This app could also be used in speech therapy to describe each of the items as they are prepared and sequencing of them. The app is all inclusive and does not contain external links, in-app purchases, or third party advertisments.

This app was fun in that it was two restaurants’ in one, with one downstairs serving American theme and the upstairs decorated in more of a Chinese theme. It would be great if the foods matched the décor on each of the floors. The mini-recycling game was a nice way to remind my son what went into each bin and helped us practice our recycling skills at home. We also enjoyed touching a variety of objects within the dining room to turn on and off the lights, touching the spider and interacting with the plates after the meals were finished. My son enjoyed making cookies and making the soups best because they required precision in chopping and fine motor practice. The sparkles were a nice reminder of activities that were completed and helped my son understand mastery of them.

I would like to see utensils included within the app as well as the ability to take bites of food rather than eating the entire plate of food at once. We liked having to clean up the plates after the diners were served, but would like to see the requirement that a clean plate was available prior to seating a new patron at the table. I would also like to see table setting included in the app with tablecloths, proper orientation of utensils, use of a drink (other than the ones prepared). Having the ability to see “facial expressions” on the faces of the animals would be nice especially when adding condiments such as salt and pepper to see if they liked the food that was served. It would also be great to pick a seat for your animal within the restaurant and have the ability to serve two animals at the same table at once, similar to what you would see in an actual restaurant.

This app is a great one for practicing fine motor skills, routines and sequencing as well as interacting with a variety of animals and taking their orders. My son especially enjoyed making the pizza as that is part of our weekly routine, but wondered why the one in the app cooked so quickly! This app will be great for parents of children who do not want to try new foods as it will encourage them to explore foods and perhaps translate to real life. This app could also be helpful for children who need assistance with sequencing and find it helpful to practice before participating in an activity such as going to a restaurant since you go through many of the same steps including ordering, preparation and eating. This app is best suited for children from toddler through early elementary school and can be adapted based on their skills. In addition, there are two other Dr. Panda titles in the series Dr. Panda, Teach Me! and Dr. Panda Hospital which also focus on creative play and learning.

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant
Dr. Panda’s Restaurant
by Dr. Panda Ltd
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