Featured App: Miss Hollywood-Fashion Pets by Budge Studios- Free Download with Lots of Animal Fun

Do your children like animals ? Mine do! Two of my daughter’s favorite things are animals and playing dress up, and these are combined in Miss Hollywood, the latest app from Budge Studios. She is going so excited about this app! Miss Hollywood stars 5 adorable strays which your child can adopt then treat like a star. They can groom them, dress them up, feed them special treats, play with them and take their picture with a variety of different backgrounds.

The 5 animals all have their own distinct personalities – which will be your child’s favorite? Maybe they like glamorous pets like Miss Hollywood- a chihuahua who dreams of stardom; or Miss Puggy the Pug who dreams of dance parties and truffle biscuits. If their taste is more energetic pooches maybe they will like Sporty the sports-mad mutt; or B-Dawg, a rough, tough Boston Terrier who dreams of being a Hip Hop DJ. If they prefer cats then there is always Princess the Persian who longs for a pampering spa treatment. Whichever pet they choose all these strays long for love and attention and the more your child plays with them the happier they will get! Each pet has a happiness meter which increases each time you give them what they are thinking of. But if you want to play ball when they want a treat that’s OK too- any attention will increase their happiness, just more slowly than their preferred activity. Once their happiness meter is full, you are rewarded with love and kisses from your pet.
There are lots of activities to do with your new pet. Life on the streets is dirty, so a great place to start is in the pet salon, where you can shampoo, wash and blow dry your pet until they look their best. Once they’ve washed off all that street dirt they are going to need a new outfit, and don’t forget to accessorize! There are lots to choose from: sunglasses, hats, fancy collars and more.
If your pet starts to feel peckish there are lots of fancy treats available to feed them. What is your pet dreaming of today? A bone cake as big as they are ? A cookie ? Or maybe a pie? Or some kibble?
As well as feeding, grooming, and getting dressed up there’s one more thing these pets like to do – play! What’s your pet’s favorite activity ? Do they want to play frisbee or ball ? Maybe they would prefer to listen to music or dance? Each plaything is interactive- you can press the rubber ducky’s tummy to make it squeak, throw the frisbee and your pet will chase it, play music and they’ll move along to the beat.

After all the fun don’t forget to take a picture of your pet in all their glory. The pictures appear on the Miss Hollywood magazine cover, with 5 backgrounds to choose from.

This app has hours of imaginary play fun and is available as a free download with IAP for additional content. In-app purchases and external links are protected by a parental gate that requires solving multiplication problems.

Miss Hollywood, the Chihuahua, is free and comes with a range of clothes, accessories, toys and treats and one photo background. Additional packs including another pet plus their favorite clothes, accessories, toys and treats are available for $1.99 or you can unlock everything for $5.99. Your child can get a lot of fun imaginary play with just the free content of the app, but if they enjoy that I’d recommend the full unlock at $5.99 for hours more fun!