First Words: Action Words for Toddlers and Preschool Children by Codegent – Review

The easiest way to learn an action word is to see it in action. While there are apps that pair the actions to the words, not all of them do as well as First Words: Action Words for Toddlers and Preschool Children by Codegent. It is not only captivating and engaging, it’s also more educational than the average app.

First Words: Action Words introduces 48 action words in simple sentences accompanied by fun animations (starring 24 cute characters/toys) to illustrate the meanings of the action words. 8 of these characters (Baby, Girl, Car, Man, Ball, Boy, Cat and Dog) are included in the free app and an additional 16 (Bat, Boat, Bird, Rabbit, Fish, Sun, Duck, Woman, Pirate, Firefighter, Balloon, Policewoman, Rocket, Princess, Chef and Dinosaur) are available via a child-protected in-app purchase of $2.99.

Even from the locked menu, children can benefit as they learn to recognize the name of each character. These look like flash cards where there is just the character (some with props) and the name against a plain background, enabling younger children to focus better. There is a good variety of animals, persons, toys and imaginary characters available here and I particularly like the inclusion of the Policewoman (instead of gender role stereotypes).

From the unlocked menu, your child can tap on any character that he fancies, to hear the name as many times as he wishes. When he taps on the screen again, the character will perform an action. This is accompanied by a narrated sentence (option of US or UK English voiceover) that describes the action. Swipe to the left reveal a new action/animation and a corresponding sentence that introduces yet more vocabulary words. To move to another character, kids just have to swipe to the left/right or go back to the menu to choose.

Action words taught include familiar ones like singing, hopping, saying and less common ones like floating, steering, diving but there is more to learn beyond the 48 target words. Kids get to learn what are the unique actions that each character can do (The bat is hanging in the dark) and the related vocabulary words. Learning the words in context and seeing them in action makes it easy to understand and remember their meaning. More importantly, kids will learn how to use these action words correctly, it is really a great app for introducing the concept of verbs in a fun and age appropriate way.

Download First Words: Action Words for free now and let your child learn 16 action words as he plays with the first 8 characters. Your child will love it!