Flip Wallet Leather Case for iPhone 5/5s by Toffee Cases- Review

The Flip Wallet is a leather case for the iPhone 5/5s from Sydney, Australia based Toffee cases. The case comes in a choice of brown or black leather with a blue check lining. I tested the brown leather case with the iPhone 5.

The case has a distinctly retro feel to it that I really like. The warm brown leather with the blue check lining makes me think of old-fashioned picnic baskets, and lazy days of summer. The case has a red elastic strap that helps keep it firmly closed, and contributes to the nostalgic feel.

flip wallet 2 300×300 Flip Wallet Leather Case for iPhone 5/5s by Toffee Cases Review

The case is designed to hold up to 5 credit/ID cards and a few bills. I have been using it as my everyday phone case without any credit cards, and then just add my drivers license, credit card and a little cash on days when I’m traveling light and want to leave my wallet at home. The case covers the screen when closed and so protects it, but if you are keeping credit cards in the wallet I’d advise adding a stick-on screen protector to make sure the cards don’t scratch the screen. If you put 5 cards in the wallet the thickness of the cards make the flap bulge away from the iPhone, but the elastic strap does keep it shut. The case has a shell that your iPhone slips into, with the leather wallet case outside it.

One of my favorite features of the case is when you flip back the leather flap that covers the screen, a magnet holds it back out of the way whilst you talk. You do need to remember not to flap it back when taking pictures, or you will obscure the camera! My one criticism is the leather beside the credit card slots is attached to the backing by glue rather than stitching, so if you miss- align it when putting in a credit card you can separate the leather from the backing.

I have been using this as my everyday phone case for several weeks and I really like it. I love the retro look of this case, and the way the flap stays out of the way when talking. The case is well made and is standing up well to wear. It is available online from Toffeecases.com RRP $49.95