Funny Yummy by Funny Yummy Studio UG – Review

Funny Yummy is the first app from Funny Yummy Studio. It is an app designed for the youngest iPad users. It has very simple interactions and an auto-play feature so the very youngest users can enjoy it.

The app is professionally narrated by Australian voice actor Peter Hosking, but no text is shown. The story starts in an idyllic country scene -”it is a lovely warm summer day…… it’s lunchtime and like you everybody is hungry”. Then the child gets to meet a hungry animal and help them get their lunch. There are six interactive scenes each one featuring a different animal, and each time they play the story the scenes are presented in a different order, increasing the app’s replay value.

The scenes feature beautiful, bright, colorful graphics that are a mixture of illustration and collage. In each scene the narrator introduces the animal and tells the child what they would like to eat. The story is animated and the child needs to touch the food to trigger the animation of the animal eating (this happens automatically in auto-play mode). The interaction is very simple for young users as the app highlights where they need to touch, and only a simple tap is needed. For each animal they need to feed them 3 times to complete that scene.

The animals to be fed are: a goldfish, some birds, a cat, a mouse, two frogs and a hedgehog. Although the scenes are very simple there are some fun details to look out for such as a crab and a snail in the goldfish bowl, clouds floating past an open window and the cat and mouse making guest appearances in each other’s scenes.

This is a very simple, gentle interactive story well suited to the youngest iPad users. It will appeal most to under fours, though slightly older children will enjoy it as well. It is very well done with beautiful illustrations and narration. One change I would love to see is the addition of text. Although the target audience won’t be reading the story themselves, I think it is important to expose them to text in a book app from an early age. I’d also love to see a few more scenes added, the opening scene features some adorable sheep so I’d love to see them and some other farm animals being fed too. The app has a very calm, gentle feel to it and would be a great choice for a bedtime story or for reading before a nap.

NB Since this review was written text has been added

Funny Yummy – Interactive Stories for Toddlers and Kids by Funny Yummy Studio UG
Price: $2.99 USD

“Funny Yummy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful picture book apps available for iPad.” – “Editor’s Choice” by Top Best Apps For Kids

“The illustrations are delightful, with.