Get Water! by Decode Global- an Endless Runner App Designed to Entertain and Educate is Free for World Water Day

Decode Global is a developer with a mission, they aim to create fun, entertaining apps that also teach about important global issues. Their first app Get Water! is a fun,addictive, endless runner app that stars Maya a young girl who keeps getting pulled out of school to collect clean drinking water for her family. Saturday March 22nd has been declared World Water Day 2014 by the United Nations and to celebrate and raise awareness Decode Global has made Get Water! FREE from March 21st-24th, then it will revert to paid. The app contains no adverts, in-app purchases or social media links. It is available for iOS and Android.

Get Water! is an endless runner app that is challenging, yet intuitive to learn. The aim of the game is for Maya to collect as much clean water as possible, avoiding collecting dirty water. There is a tutorial in the app that shows the basic gameplay. To control where Maya runs you draw a line under her feet, drawing a longer line lets her go higher and stay in the air longer. Maya collects water in the jar on her head by running and jumping through raindrops. If she runs through dirty water (red drops) she loses water, and there are special objects for her to collect such as jerry cans and mangos that will give her more water. Each time you play thee are new challenges and meeting them gives Maya more water. Collecting water isn’t all plain sailing however, there are Peacocks, Flying Turtles and Monkeys that get in Maya’s way and break her pot. As the player progresses through the game they can unlock upgrades-skills and supplies that help Maya collect more water, purify and protect the water she has.

Get Water! by Decode Global an Endless Runner App Designed to Entertain and Educate is Free for World Water Day

Get Water! is a fun and addictive game, but it also helps to educate the player about the importance of clean drinking water and the effect it has on daily lives of those in third world countries. Between games the players are given simple facts about water usage and availability and as they play the game they unlock Maya’s story. Maya’s story is told as a series of short, wordless, animated videos showing Maya being taken out of school to collect water for her family, and how things like the simple availability of a water pump can mean she gets to spend more time in school and less collecting water. The developer has partnered with charity: water in this app and it includes an information about their work and a % of the app revenue goes to them.

Get Water! by Decode Global an Endless Runner App Designed to Entertain and Educate is Free for World Water Day

This is a really fun, simple yet addicting endless runner app with a message. The controls are easy to use, but the app is still challenging and has new skills to unlock and challenges to meet. Players will enjoy playing, but at the same time become more aware of the importance of easy access to clean drinking water, and how it effects not only the health but also the education of young girls like Maya. The developer recommends it for ages 9-11 but it will I believe appeal to a much larger age range from early elementary school right up to adult. I would highly recommend downloading it today!

Free lesson plans for teachers are available here.



Currently FREE for World Water Day- will revert to $1.99 on March 24th. Download it today!!

Get Water! – Decode Global