Click on link to go to giveaway -listed by date launched, we are launching at least 1 a day all month for Better hearing and Speech Month May 2015.

Enter our giveaway for a iPad Mini 32GB (ends May 31st) and all these other great giveaways !!

May 31st $25 iTunes card from Erik X Raj

Phonological Awareness Lab from Smarty Ears

Tense Builder (2) from Mobile education Store

May 30th Pronoun Hero from Smarty Ears

May 29th Articulation Test Center Little Bee Speech (2) ($50 app)

May 28th Kids Sound Lab Pro from Kids Sound Lab (3)

PrepositionBuilder (2) from Mobile Education Store

May 27th Real Vocabulary Pro by Virtual Speech Center (2)

Question Therapy 2 in 1 by Tactus Therapy Solutions ($29.99) (3)

May 26th ArtikPix Level Plusby Expressive Solutions($39.99) (3)

May 25th Frog Game School by Kids Sound Lab (5) ended

May 24th Speech Sounds on Cue (US and AUS versions)(8) ($23.99) ended

May 23rd Teach Speech Apps Bundle: Prepositions, Adjectives and Rhyming words (3) ended

May 22nd Lisp Therapy from Abitalk (3) ($24.99) ended

May 21st Listening Power Preschool by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development (3) ($15.99 app) ended

May 20th Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech (3)($59.99 app)

May 19th Articulation Vacation (2)   by Virtual Speech Center ended

Listen Hear 1 & 2 App bundle (3)- ended

May 18th  ConversationBuilder by Mobile Education Store (2) ($19.99 app)ended

Reading Train by The Learning station-ended

May 17th So Much 2 Say AAC app (3) ended

May 16th Speech Sounds For kids (8) (US and Australian versions) ended

May 15th Huge #BHSM Promocode Party 6pm Pacificended

My Story for Speech and Language by Pocket SLP (3) – ended

May 14th Speech-Ez Apraxia Picture Sound Cards Parent Edition (2) $179.99 app

NACD Apraxia 4 App Bundle (3)-ended

May 13th Talk About It Objects from Hamaguchi Apps (5)-ended

May 12th Key Verbs with Steffy & James (3)- ended

May 11th Language TherAppy 4 in 1 from Tactus Therapy (3)$59.99 app-ended

May 10th Key word Kids– Ended

May 9th Word Search Articulation by Erik Raj (3) ended

May 8th iPad Mini 32GB ends May 31st

May 7th Game Show Articulation by Erik Raj (3) ended

May6th Auditory Memory Ride  (2) by Virtual Speech Center ended

May 5th You’re The Storyteller: The Surprise (Home edition) (5) ended

May4th My Playhome school (5) ended

May 3rd Sentence Builder by Abitalk Inc – Review & Giveaway of Abitalk App Prize Pack!– ended

May 2nd Inner Voice  $20 AAC and Video Modeling app- (5) ended

May 1st Let’s Talk around it Nature $20 speech app – ended