Grandma’s Beach Fun by Fairlady Media – Review

Grandma’s Beach Fun by Fairlady Media is a fun new beach themed app which has you joining Grandma and Grandpa on a trip to the beach – sans the sand in your car on the way home!  The app has seven educational games ranging from: find the beach gear, beach art, word rhyming, umbrella matching (fun twist on typical picture matching), math (shake the coconut trees to add numbers up to 12), word find (beach themed!) and my kids favorite tide pool critters.  This app, aimed at the preschool and early elementary age children includes math; literacy via reading, spelling, rhyming; water sports, art using beach shells and fireworks.  Skills practiced include fine motor, working memory, cause and effect.

This is a cute app which had a lot of enjoyment for my kids.  Grandma and Grandpa are back again – this time with a great beach themed app – perfect for anytime especially those long car rides during the summer or perhaps a rainy day outside.  There are seven educational games which include: math, literacy, memory, creativity and more as well as videos about beach animals and water sports, make your own fireworks and help Grandpa avoid obstacles while water skiing!  One of my favorite things about Fairlady Media games is the parental control which allows you to turn on and off specific mini games if they are too hard or too easy for your child – this meant that my older son who has mastered the addition and found it “too easy” was still able to enjoy other mini games like the airplane rhyme, waterskiing jump, and even the beach themed crosswords.  My older son enjoyed the waterskiing jump and airplane rhyme the best out of the mini games .  When we packed Grandma’s beach bag we also talked about why each item was important like sunscreen, a towel or even a pail and shovel.  My kids really like this series of apps, although I personally can’t imagine my grandparents going water skiing.  The umbrella matching was a fun twist on a typical memory match game with the umbrella animating to display the item and then the umbrella’s disappearing as the items were matched.   The app interspersed more fun activities like waterskiing, the touch tank and art with harder activities like the word find or math.which kept my son interested.  He liked that you could touch and drag across to highlight the words within the app and as a mom I liked that you could turn the hints on and off.  The fireworks activity was a fun way to cap off the app.

I’d love to see a fun beach ball themed activity – one of my favorites with my kids when we go to the beach is to toss it around.  We also enjoy building sandcastles – similar to the art where we were able to take different objects to make a picture. It would be great if the different objects, like shells or driftwood were named as you made the art.   I’d also love to see a beach themed story of some sort added to the app so kids could either listen or practice reading it.

Overall, this is a fun beach themed app which is great for the summer or perhaps even a snowy day when kids are wishing for a nice sunny day.  It has good educational content which has kids learning and having fun at the same time.  Best for preschool or early elementary school ages.