Grandma’s Preschool by Fairlady Media – Review & Giveaway of Fairlady Fun Pack!

Grandma’s Preschool by Fairlady Media for iOS reminds me of the preschool I used to attend as a little girl. There are lots of great activities (more than 20) and opportunities to try out new things like coloring, playing outside, using toys, practicing early academic skills like letters and numbers, having a snack, taking care of a class pet and playing with others. There are three primary characters in the app and after you get off the school bus you go into the preschool classroom.

This is a great app for practicing the routine of school which involves getting off a bus, selecting different activities in a preschool setting such as coloring or painting centers as well as having fun in a bright cheery environment. I also loved that the classroom had the day and month on the calendar to orient kids to the classroom environment. I also loved how the app practiced a variety of skills like sorting and counting out snack (make sure to put one of each type of food on the plate), counting and putting together a puzzle, match the colored block to the right space (this reinforces colors as well as encouraging early reading), sight words and more. Each of the activities is organized in such a fun way that kids don’t realize they are learning! The skills were intermixed within the app and often testers were so busy “playing” that they didn’t realize they were sorting blocks by color, moving around puzzle pieces to make a puzzle or painting a vowel and learning at the same time.

In terms of enhancements, I would like to see an opportunity for kids to draw on the whiteboard after it is erased, currently if you tap on it you can erase it but not write anything new. I’d also love to see a “shared” activity of some sort since sharing is such an important concept even if it’s two children playing on the floor together. I’d also love to see the ability to actually “read” the books – we took the opportunity with our tester when he clicked on the books to read a book off screen. Other nice to haves would be the ability to pick the number of pieces for the puzzle to make it easier for younger children and harder for older children. I’d also like to see more free play opportunities such as on the playground, reading books or even an iPad with an opportunity to play a mini game in the classroom.

This is a great app to use to expose your children to preschool or kindergarten and will be a great addition to your app library for a preschooler or early grade school child. The variety of activities will engage your children and the information covered in the app will engage and teach at the same time. I loved the variety of activities and how they changed each time you used the app which means that your child won’t memorize or grow bored with the app after a few uses. Fantastic app for children to practice early learning skills, routines and a great way to introduce your child to the school environment. I would recommend this app to all parents with a child starting preschool or kindergarten in the fall to help them acclimate!