Hoopa City 2 by Dr Panda Games – Review

Hoopa City 2 by Dr. Panda Games is the newest app in the collection, this app is universal and features a building theme which encourages speech, creative play and role playing depending on the activity in the city. The app appeals to kids from preschool through elementary school, and I found myself even enjoying playing with one of my son’s cities.

My son really liked all the content in the app. He enjoyed putting people in the buildings, role playing and switching from day to night. He liked building his own characters as he progressed within the app. As a mom, I liked the amount of content that was offered and the variety of options for building, playing or simply interacting with the city. The 3D graphics are beautiful and my son enjoyed experimenting to create the different buildings and testing out combinations to see what bigger and better buildings he could make. I loved hearing him narrate as he explained, first I do this, then I touch this and then I get this. He also enjoyed the activities like going shopping, seeing a wedding, and even created a few different cities depending on his mood at the time. I also loved how creative he was able to be and building the city which was in his mind to completion. He also loved finding all the combinations and has spent many hours with me testing out the app. A tip, Hoopa’s Building Book was great to remind us of all of the combinations that he made within the app so that we could easily recreate them. My son loved being so creative and showing me all of the different things that he could create and even played the app during his free iPad time frequently.

At times my son was sad because he wanted a city that was on my iPad or iPhone or vice versa we couldn’t figure out how to transfer the city from one device to another even though they were saved. My son’s least favorite thing to do was fixing the wind turbines which seemed to “break” frequently – at times he tapped it too many times and would get frustrated. My son loves art and wished that he could design the colors and shapes of his buildings – something he would have liked because he loves to do art work.

Overall, this was a fun game that both my 8 year old and I enjoyed playing with. It has hours of playability and it can be customized to be easier or harder depending on the child that is playing with it. It appeals to a wide variety of ages and can tap into your children’s creative side and allow you to see the different things that their imagination may bring to life.

Check out a fun video demo!