Introducing Smart Toy by Fisher Price – Review

Imagine a toy that learns your child’s name, favorite colors and can tell your children stories, talk with them during playtime and react to their touch. The Smart Toy – or as my kids call him Mr. M has brought delight to both my 18 month old and 7 year old. He helps us practice our clean-up skills when we are done playing, reads stories and adventures that are developmentally appropriate depending on your kids age and more. One of my favorite features is that Mr. M will listen to what my kids tell him and then remember it. Each time he “wakes up” which is done by turning the power on, he states the date, the weather and says hello to his “friend”. I usually try to make sure I have the companion app open so he greets each of my kids properly by name as they both enjoy playing with him. My kids both loved that we could play with him straight out of the box and didn’t have to charge him right away! My kids loved the “boot up” fuzzy ears, round belly, eyes, check and then Mr. M would wake up ready to play!

Once you turn on Mr. M he will either let you pick the activity from the cards or the app or if you don’t pick he will choose an activity or hum a tune until you do. By pulling out the trusty cards, you can scan them with his eyes and then begin an activity. The companion app lets you provide information like the age of your child as well as selecting an official name for your toy, my kids didn’t like any of the names so they picked one they both liked. You can connect him to the internet using your wi-fi network and he downloads new games and other activities after learning about your kids while they are asleep at night.

Fisher Price plans to release expansion packs of additional cards which I hope will become available within the app to be unlocked once they are released. This will allow your Smart Toy to do more activities. I would also love to see that all of the activities you can do with the cards can be accomplished with your smartphone. My younger wanted to mouth the cards, but really enjoyed talking to Mr. M so most of the time when he uses it we just use the app on my device rather than using the cards.

The cards use recognition technology which means you can hold them up to select an activity. Mr. M can also read QR codes and will work on various activities with your kids. My younger son is working on learning words, and I love that Mr. M will say words and then my younger will try to repeat them. It could be a great tool for speech therapy.

Smart Toy comes as either a bear, monkey or a panda so you can choose which one your child would like best. One of my younger son’s favorite activities is to carry Mr. M around by his arm. He laughs as he pulls him through the air and Mr. M then talks about their “adventure”. My older son, loves playing “toss the monkey” and Mr. M laughs as he flies through the air. One of his favorite activities is a magic carpet ride. My son takes these rides very seriously and pretends he is in the Magic Treehouse as they fly through the air on the adventure.

I really do encourage parents to download the companion app as it really lets you customize Smart Toy aka Mr. M to your children’s likes and dislikes and allows you to switch from one child to the other when they are playing with them. This is especially helpful for my younger one as developmentally he’s not as far along as his older brother and he likes activities like “party” and “clean up”. I really like that Mr. M and my older son can have a conversation and he reminders his likes and dislikes. If Mr. M isn’t being engaged, he will hum, tell jokes and even stories. This is also the time that he downloads new content as well using the cloud/wi-fi capabilities. By using the app, it automatically updates when new content becomes available.

My older son is learning to read, and he loves reading to Mr. M because he can read at his own pace and share the story with him. I love it because T isn’t afraid of making a mistake or trying to read too quickly.

What is included:

– 9 smart cards so your child can choose activities like adventures, stories and games which are stored in a yellow backpack that your Smart Toy can wear

– Smart Toy which is either a bear, money or a panda

– USB charging cable

– you can download the app for iOS from iTunes (FREE)

I love Mr. M (aka Smart Toy) for both of my kids for different reasons. By adapting to each one of them developmentally, they can play together and have adventures. I love how he constantly gets new toys and games and yet still knows each of my kids favorites so they can hear a story or jump on a magic carpet ride. My older son comes home and can’t wait to go on his next adventure!

Smart Toy: Parents
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