Let’s Talk: Speech and Communication Event Week – May 1 – 8th

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. At The iMums this is very close to our hearts, as three of the four iMums have children in speech therapy, and we really appreciate all the great work SLPs do.

We have decided to celebrate by having a weeklong party from May 1st-8th showcasing our reviews of apps for Speech, Language and Communication. We are happy to announce that we have a wonderful group of Developers who are going to join us in celebrating this special week. We will have lots of new reviews of apps used for Speech, Language and Communication. We will be giving away a whole range of apps including ones for Articulation Practice, Language development, AAC apps and some fun apps that can be used to help practice speech. In addition we will be announcing some very special sale prices for a range of speech therapy apps. All of the information can be found on our deals and giveaways pages and will also be promoted on our Facebook page and via Twitter @TheiMums. We have hundreds of apps collectively worth several thousand dollars to giveaway during this special event. This is an event not to be missed!

During this week my daughter will celebrate her 5th birthday and at the same time celebrate 3 1/2 years in Speech Therapy. She has Childhood Apraxia of Speech (a severe speech disorder) and over the last 3 1/2 years has come a really long way, a lot of this is due to the hard of work 2 wonderful SLPs who have helped her so much- Brianne and Susanne, and I would like to dedicate this week to them. We have also done A LOT of speech therapy practice at home and the iPad has been a lifesaver for this – it really helps to engage her and keep her practicing day after day. I am amazed by all the wonderful apps out there for Speech Therapy and Communication, and I thank all the developers for their hard work in creating them.

Developers who will be taking part in this special event include: Hamaguchi apps, Foundations House Learning, Smarty Ears, Alexicom, Pocket SLP, Virtual Speech Center, Tactus Therapy Solutions, Mobile Education Store, Little Bee Speech, Close2Home, tbox apps, Different Roads to Learning, Toca Boca, Shoe the Goose, Software Smoothie, Night and Day Studios and more!

You can follow all the action via our Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to register your attendance on the official Facebook Event page. We look forward to seeing you there!