Max on the farm pro by Andras Szabo -Review

Max on the farm pro is a collection of 4 farm-themed games for children aged 3-6. It is a totally child-safe and child-friendly app with no instructions or set-up required. Kids just need to launch the app and they can start playing right away. The only option available for parents is to turn off the music.

There are 4 games in this app and they are played in an endless loop of progressive difficulty levels of play. There is no end to each game, once the player reaches the highest level, the game automatically returns to the first level. With many levels included for each game, you can expect your kids to be kept occupied and learning for some time.Find the items
Set in a tree house, children’s visual discrimination skills will be at work while they look for 30 hidden items in 10 slightly different set-ups.

From the simple AAAAA to the complex AABCAABC pattern, there are 45 different patterns for your kids to solve. Pattern recognizing is made more difficult here, with 2 missing objects instead of the usual 1 and the missing objects are not necessarily placed at the end of the sequence.
Players are to place 3 different vegetables, letters, numbers or patterns in their matching wagon in each level. There are a total of 17 levels with 57 different combinations of objects to match.

There are 13 puzzles of farm animals (plus one of the barn) to solve. Puzzles are not too difficult to complete and the pieces snap together easily.
Completion of each level is applauded and rewards come in the form of a sticker activity which resets itself when you closes the app. Perhaps another type of rewards can be considered e.g. a bonus game.

With child-friendly features, attractive design and valuable educational content, Max on the farm is a good choice of preschool learning app. If your kids love all things related to the farm, then they are in for a treat because this app is FREE for App Friday, Mar 21!! Download today and enjoy!