Meet CUJO and protect your #connectedhome

Having a #connectedhome is a term we might not have considered even five years ago, but it is rapidly becoming the norm. In my house alone, I have multiple smartphones, tablets, a Smart TV, Smart Surge Protectors, Smart Lights and more. I once was able to protect my home using simple desktop virus protection, but now, that protection only covers my desktop and selected tablets instead of every device in my home which it once did. Although security software has evolved, the hacking world has evolved faster. Take for example, the local schools that have internet. I can’t tell you how many times I have driven by our local school and seen a car parked in the lot using the unsecured internet, it’s hard to say if they are doing legal activities or not, but that internet could be hacked into since it’s open to the public.
A new company, CUJO, is planning to introduce a smart device which will plug into your router which will help to protect your home internet from viruses, hacks, phishing and more for all of the connected devices in your house including television, DVD player, appliances, baby monitors and more which rely on your home internet to send diagnostics’, operate and function in your #smarthome. CUJO is a “virtual shield” which adapts and learns your behaviors to keep you safe. One of my favorite things is that it is plug and play, one cord and it’s running with nothing more for me to do. It’s like your home alarm system to protect your devices, except smarter because it will learn what you use and how you use it to prevent attacks. It learns from all of the behaviors of usage and constantly updates with new adapts safety measures to safeguard against virtual intruders.
CUJO analyzes your internet behavior and secures devices on your network which can include: televisions, baby monitors, refrigerators, thermostats, alarm systems or anything that uses the internet wi-fi in order to operate. If it detects something out of the ordinary, you are sent an alert on your smartphone while the attack is prevented. I store many things on my devices and run a backup frequently, but with my digital life being so #connected I worry about hackers getting information that they should not. A funding campaign will be launched in September with more details to be provided soon. Until then, check out this great video of how CUJO can protect your #connectedhome and read an interview with the CEO of CUJO.

I don’t open my front door to strangers and I’m glad that a device will exist so I can prevent my virtual front door from being opened. CUJO is the world’s first smart device that protects your home Internet and connected devices from hacks, viruses, malware, phishing, and other virtual attacks. With so many connected devices in your home, your personal information is now accessible through various gadgets. CUJO acts as a shield for your entire home network, adapting continuously to keep you safe. There will be a funding campaign on Indiegogo announced for this product on September 15, so be sure to stay tuned! They also have a Facebook event page too!