MightySat™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter by Masimo Corporation – Review

The MightySat™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter by Masimo Corporation is a Bluetooth enabled pulse Oximeter which uses hospital grade technology to measure Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index, Respiration Rate, and Pleth Variability Index. It is measured by placing the pulse Oximeter on your fingertip and within seconds the information begins to pop up. It can be used with a companion iOS or Android app, or standalone.

Below is a description from Masimo about each of the types of measurements done by the device which are obtained in moments after placing it on your finger. You can pair your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth so you can track trend over time, or you can simply use the Pulse Ox standalone. There is no setup other than downloading the app to your device. It also supports multiple profiles and can be used on those that weigh over 66 lbs.


Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) – the oxygen level in the arterial blood to indicate changes due to heart or lung function, oxygen use by your body, or altitude

Pulse Rate (PR) – the number of pulses per minute to indicate overall fitness as well as exertion levels at a particular moment in time

Perfusion Index (PI) – the strength of blood flow to your finger to indicate changes in blood circulation

Respiration Rate (RRp) – the number of breaths you are taking each minute to indicate how well your heart and lungs are functioning as well as how quickly you can recover after exercise.

Pleth Variability Index (PVI) – the variation in perfusion index over your breathing cycle. Changes in PVI may indicate changes in hydration, breathing effort, perfusion, or other factors. ¹ ² ³ *

One of my favorite features of the device is the ability to pair it with your device and see trend over time. It’s important for me to make sure I take my medications before exercising and to stay on point without overdoing it. I am also admittedly a data person and I enjoy looking at my trend over time when exercising to see how my numbers compare from the Pulse Ox to my level of activity and performance. It helps me know when I can push harder, or when I might need to take a break from exercise. Combined with a wearable fitness tracker, MightySat™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter provides a more comprehensive overview of you in the moment as well as helping make decisions on how hard you can push your body.

Overall, I love how easy it is to track over time using the MightySat™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter to see trends and see when I can push my body harder. It has fantastic battery life – I have yet to change the batteries and I use it a few times a week.

RRP $299 and available from a variety of retailers including Masimo MightySat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Bluetooth + Pleth Variability Index + Respiration Rate)“>Amazon.