Mi|Home System by energenie – Review

The Mi|Home by ENERGENIE is a smart home system that integrates a hub known as the Mi|Home Gateway with a remote control, and radio controlled sockets that allow you to switch items on and off with the tap of a remote. This means that if you arrive home later than planned, you can either use the remote to turn on lights at your home, or the included app to turn on lights with the tap of a button. For purposes of this review, I tested a Mi|Home Gateway, three Mi|Home adapters which I plugged various items into as well as a Mi|Home remote control. The system I tested is meant to be used in the UK, so I added adapters to use it in the United States. The Mi|Home also includes a Multi-Plug which could be used for a television, cable box and entertainment system. It can also be used to heating as well. There is also a Mi|Home Light which can be used to control lights in your house. You can also integrate Amazon Alexa with the Mi|Home to control your accessories. It will also work with the Nest thermostat so you can turn up and down your thermostat if you arrive home later than normal or away on vacation and stay longer than planned. The Mi|Home System also uses geofencing so you can set your devices to turn on when you get within a certain radius – for me I used a one mile radius so when my iPhone was in range items turned on.

Setup was straightforward, I installed the Mi|Home app on my iPhone and then added each of the Mi|Home control adapters which I then tagged and plugged something into. I used a lamp in my living room, a radio in my kitchen we listen to frequently, and the third was another lamp on the second floor of my home. I paired the Mi|Home Gateway with my internet connection and internet booster as my home internet setup is upstairs and I didn’t find that it gave me enough coverage from my home router to work throughout the house — this is a common problem for me and is a problem at my home not with the device. You can also pair devices to the hub via your computer or iPhone. To pair, you simply tap “add a device” pick the photo of the device you are trying to add, for me I used the adapter plus and then plugged them in and followed directions to pair which involved waiting for a light to start flashing. I then finally paired the remote.

Mi|Home Hand controllerUsing the included remote control I could turn on and off each of the sockets or I used my iPhone. One my favorite features of it was that it did not require line of sight similar to your cable remote to turn on and off things. You can also plug in appliances to the Mi|Home adapters that you want to be able to turn on and off like a toaster or perhaps a coffee maker. I can see it being great during the holidays if you had a Christmas tree that you wanted to turn on and off using the timer function. When using your iPhone or Android device you can access the Mi|Home System from the cloud. I chose not to use the adapters to power my garage doors since they were turned on in proxy from my iPhone and I would not be able to tell if they were opened or closed using the included app — this is something I would love to do in the future as I always worry about my garage door when I leave in a hurry.

I loved that I no longer had to walk into a dark house if I got home later than planned or that I could easily turn on a light upstairs without having to climb the stairs or that my house would be lit up . The range of the remote was good – I could stand in my garage and turn on things upstairs or bring the remote upstairs to turn off the last light before going to bed and not have to walk upstairs in the dark. I also liked that I could add or change items on the fly – for example, I knew I was going to be home late so I quickly switched a socket to one near the top of my stairs for better security lighting upon my return home. As I started using it more, I found that I was using my iPhone more than the included remote control – although admittedly it was night to have the remote if my phone died or was downstairs on the charger.

Overall, I loved the ease and convenience of the Mi|Home System and knowing I didn’t have to walk into a dark house — or that I could turn on the lights off or on remotely or via my iPhone with the geofencing. Included in the package I tested were a central hub, remote control and 3 smart home adapters at an estimated RRV of £70.