Monsters Mixer By Ebooks&kids – Review

Monsters Mixer by EBooks & Kids is a spooky Halloween themed app that allows you or your child to build your own creation of your favorite monsters using built in bodies, mouths, teeth and noses, create your own scream as well as arms, legs, antennas and more! Then it gets all mixed up into your own crazy creation! The app is designed for children from toddler all the way through adulthood and allows you to channel your own monster creativity!

Our favorite part of the app was creating our own monster just the way we wanted it – be it a one eye monster, or a monster with just a mouth! Be sure to check out our video demo for a chance to see a monster creation in progress! I also really liked the parental gate which required a parent to answer a math problem before allowing you access to the in-app purchases or other apps. One of our favorite features other than recording our own scream after making the monster was taking the photos of our monster with various backgrounds and seeing it come to life. We also liked the gallery where we could save our monster creations to look at another time.

I wish that the app had a lower priced option to purchase the in-app purchases – currently it’s $7.99 for all of the in-app purchases in a package or almost $12.00 if purchased separately. I’d like to see the cost of the in-app purchases no higher than $5 – $6. I did like that you had the option to unlock certain portions of the app as well – which made it flexible if there were certain parts you liked over another part. I also would have liked the ability to “drag” a piece over to complete the monster rather than having to touch it a second time to ensure that it stayed in place. It would also be nice if you could play with the monsters together after they are created.