My Playhome School by My Playhome Software – Review & Giveaway

One of the best loved toys of all time are doll houses. It brings hours upon hours of enjoyment to boys and girls alike, and it’s only limitation is a child’s imagination. My PlayHome Software Ltd has brought this enjoyment in the most portable form possible in My PlayHome, My PlayHome Stores, and very recently, My PlayHome School.

While my children and I enjoyed My PlayHome and My PlayHome Stores, My PlayHome School far exceeded our expectations. It has almost everything you could find in an elementary school: a receptionist desk, the principal’s office, a cafeteria, boys and girls restrooms, a science lab, an auditorium, a janitor’s closet, lockers, and of course, classrooms.

There are tons of awesome interactive objects throughout the school that kids are sure to love. I will highlight a few things in each room. In the receptionist desk, there is a copy machine that prints something when you click on it. In the principal’s office is a working PA system that plays back whatever you say. There are also cups you can fill up with coffee and creamer. In the cafeteria, you can take a tray and fill it up with food and drinks. It is rigged so that you never spill food on your tray or the floor. In the boys and girls rooms are mirrors that actually show reflection. In the auditorium is a stage where you can change background props and control the curtains. In the science lab, there are chemicals you can mix together and fire up on the Bunsen burner. In the classrooms are books that you can open and write on with pencils. The janitor supplies let you clean grime and dirt wherever they may be found.

I love that you can drag the characters through each room very easily. They are also able to “hold” things and take it with them wherever they go. I also love that all three PlayHome apps connect with each other in-app. Characters can walk outdoors to get to school. the stores, and back home. I have also found this app to be an excellent tool to elicit speech with my son who has autism, It helps him with work on his articulation and conversation skills.

The only thing I can think of that is missing in the school is a gymnasium and perhaps a music room with different kinds of instruments. Still, I love it the way it is and I give it my highest recommendation. If your children love doll houses, then they are going to absolutely love My PlayHome School.