My PlayHome Stores by Shimon Young- Review

When iMum Amanda reviewed the original My PlayHome back in 2011 she described it’s creator Shimon Young as a genius, and I have to agree. After being installed on our iPads for 2 1/2 years my kids still play with My PlayHome regularly, and there are very few apps that retain their appeal long term like that. So when I told my children there was a new My PlayHome app out, to say they were excited is a definite understatement !

My PlayHome brings the dolls house into the digital age with an entire interactive house and garden to play in, and My PlayHome Stores expands the play by adding four shops to explore and shop in. The app stars the same characters as the original app – there are 3 moms, 3 dads, 3 girls, 3 boys and 3 babies from a variety of ethnicities and you can mix and match them any way you like to create the family in the app. The twist that my children really love (and that I have not seen in any other app) is when the family go shopping in the stores they can walk home with their purchases, and if you own My PlayHome they can take their purchases from the stores back to their home.

The shops are :

A Clothes Shop

This fashionable boutique stocks clothes for men, women and children. Here the family can try on different outfits and the ones they take off are aways neatly folded – I’d love to see that happen in my house! Once they have chosen the outfits they like they can pay at the cash register and bag up their purchases to take them home. If they run short on cash no problem – there is a working ATM machine right outside.

A Green Grocers

At the green grocers you can buy a range of fruit and vegetables, flowers and glasses of fruit or vegetable juice that you squeeze yourself in the juice machine. When you are ready to check out you can weight your produce, bag it up and pay.

An Ice Cream Parlor

The ice cream parlor is a great place for a treat when you are tired of shopping, you can buy ice cream and slushies, to eat there or take to go. I’d love to see a way to make a variety of other frozen treats such as ice cream sundaes and banana splits too.

A Super Market

In the supermarket, they can load up their shopping cart with all the weeks essentials from ice pops, juice, milk, cereal and canned food through toilet paper and toothpaste. At the check out the groceries move along the conveyor belt and are scanned just like at a real store before being bagged up to take home – always in paper not plastic!

As well as the shops themselves here are several fun interactions to discover as you walk down the street from a gum-ball machine to a duck ride.

My kids love to go shopping in all the stores then stroll down the road and back into the house (entering the original My Playhome app) and put away all the shopping at home. When they have finished playing you can put everything back in its place my pressing the “tidy the house” button in the original My Playhome, I’d love there to be one of those buttons accessible from the Stores app too so you can use it without going to the other app.

We’ve had My PlayHome Stores installed on our iPad for about 3 months now and it has been my six-year-old daughter’s favorite app all that time, and her brothers love to play it too. She also love to go back and forth between the house and the stores taking her shopping home to play with it there. You can play with My PlayHome Stores by itself but I would seriously recommend buying both apps if you don’t already own them as they make a great combination. Another must have app from Shimon Young- hours and hours of creative play opportunities !