Nampa Holiday by Nampa Design AB – Review

Nampa Holiday by Nampa Design is a universal app for iOS and Android that features a variety of transportation to go on holiday or vacation. The app starts with the user selecting one of three modes of transportation, an airplane, a bus or train. Once you choose your mode of transportation – it’s time for the fun to start. With the airplane you start at the airport where you throttle up to take off – once in the sky watch out for the clouds! There can be rain, fun objects coming out of them like a parachute or even lightening bolts! Steering the airplane is done via a finger – and there is a slide that allows you to control how fast or slow you want to move through the air. Inside the airplane you can also tap on the characters as you whiz through the sky. If you choose the bus you are brought to a screen where you can choose to paint your bus or simply decorate it with flowers, stars or paint. Then you are ready to get on the road – you drive the bus using controls at the bottom of the screen and then make strategic stops to pick up your passengers and their luggage. As you go along you can stop and get fuel (my kids liked the heart fuel which came out of the tailpipe. With the train you get to choose which way the train goes via a series of junctions and even get to blast the train horn. My kids loved making the train go through the tunnels and seeing the countryside. The games are fun interactive and contain nothing scary for younger kids.

This app can be used to practice fine motor – dragging and dropping, language to describe what you are seeing in the scene. This is a fun app for toddlers and preschoolers and can help pass the time in the car to avoid the dreaded “are we there yet” – as I know many parents can identify with!

Once you reach your destination it’s time to disco! My kids loved the magical disco ball and then picking the adventure. Putting on sunscreen, hats and bathing suits was the first game once you got to the beach. Building sandcastles was one of my kids favorite parts especially the molded sand you pulled from buckets. They built their sandcastle creations – with the crab scuttling along in the background and then decorated them with flags, jewels, shells and stones. The next mini game involved floating and popping the beach balls. The banana ride was fun too where three characters sat on the banana and caught the jumps as they flew through the air. Once the reached the end it was disco time again. My kids also loved the tube maze where you grabbed a character and dropped them in the tubes to come down to the bottom of the maze. You had to watch because sometimes they got stuck or even went through the maze twice! We had fun with this one and I had my kids help me guess where the character might come out. We also tried the same character over and over to see if they were always going to go the same way – which they did not.

I liked the simplicity of the app – and that my younger son was engaged with it. He could pick his favorite vehicle and be off for fun! There is no speech or text for kids to read which means it’s fun with no rules!

In terms of enhancements, I’d love to see a “toss the beach ball” game instead of popping the beach ball. Although my kids enjoyed it – and creating the spinning characters it was a bit hard for them to complete the first few times. I’d also like to see the ability to personalize the train and the airplane like we did with the bus.

The app provided hours of entertainment for my kids — especially my toddler who would play for short moments while I needed to attend to other tasks. There are no ads or in app purchases contained within the app. Each of the mini games was fun – especially once you made it to the beach! I also love how it made my toddler remind me not to forget to sunscreen him!

Nampa Holiday by Nampa Design AB
Price: $2.99 USD

Here it is, the app that makes the travel distances feel shorter, rainy days sunnier and applying sun lotion one of the best parts of the vacation! And all this without ads or in-app purchases.