News: Clever Dragons Learning Apps announces the arrival of an Early Learners Bundle

Ho ho ho! Just in time for holiday downloads, Clever Dragons Learning Apps announces the arrival of an Early Learners Bundle with a full version of the new Dragon Egg Kindergarten Game, plus six other apps designed especially for young children. Buy the bundle save over 40% compared with purchasing each title separately.

The Dragon Egg series offers a unique approach to app-based learning. In each title, children nurture a baby dragon egg, helping it to explore its environment, including the Dragon School, which is filled with age-appropriate learning. In Dragon Egg Kindergarten, kids will find alphabet, counting, beginning reading, and science challenges in the schoolhouse, along with music and animal electives. Mini-games build fine motor skills and earn “Gold” which can then be used to personalize the egg, with colors and accessories, including our newly added Santa hat.

Other apps in the Early Learners bundle include:

✓ Kindergarten Reading — listen to each word read aloud, then select the matching written word. Twelve levels of increasing challenge that advance with your learner!

✓ First Grade Reading — match pictures to written words, with or without audio cues.

✓ Learn the Alphabet — form fundamental connections for reading and writing by matching uppercase letters with their lowercase counterparts.

✓ Skip Counting — have fun counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s while building numeracy skills used later in multiplication

✓ Zoo Animals — a fun, fast-paced quiz all about animals!

✓ Dog Breeds — learn over 45 common breeds, including favorite furry friends like goldens, poodles, pugs, chihuahuas, and more!

All content is available within each app, with no in-app purchases or internet connection required — ideal for playing on-the-go.