News: Launches GuardPeanut Portable Security Monitor, an early pioneer of the Internet of Things industry, today announced the availability of GuardPeanut™, an affordable, portable smart sensor that can be placed on any valuable or prized possession to provide notifications and automatic sound alerts when the item has been tampered with, on the verge of being stolen or moved. The intuitive tag follows the launch of ThermoPeanut and is the second sensor in the new SensePeanut product line, which has introduced a completely new generation of IoT technologies by drastically simplifying various connected capabilities and making smart awareness devices accessible to all. Priced at $29, each SensePeanut has its own set function, task or habit it can monitor,allowing anyone with a smartphone or tablet to take advantage of the connected life revolution through manageable and affordable products.

“After bringing our thermometer sensor ThermoPeanut to the market, it was apparent that there is massive interest amongst consumers for light IoT devices that are as simple and straightforward to use as your smartphone, have many uses and don’t cost hundreds of dollars,” said Rafi Haladjian, Founder and CEO of “GuardPeanut is the perfect sensor to launch next because we all have possessions that we want to keep tabs on while we are away. Whether you want to protect your laptop from theft while you refill your mug at a coffee shop, have a suspicion that your roommate is borrowing your clothes without asking or want to monitor your front door to make sure the kiddos actually come home by curfew, GuardPeanut is the must-have, portable solution that will make sure you know when your valuable items are moved.”

How It Works

GuardPeanut allows anyone from tech enthusiasts to novices to monitor any object in or outside the home including purses, suitcases, jewelry boxes, laptops, strollers, safes, cookie jars,lockers and other prized possessions or items they want to keep an eye on. It also allows users to track the comings and goings of pets and people when it is attached to a front door or pet door. The sensor connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to smartphones and tablets through its dedicated iOS or Android SensePeanut app. Once registered, the GuardPeanut can be attached to any desired object to track movement. Users have control of when the tag monitors their items by simply pressing the GuardPeanut tag on and off as needed. The sensor can also be reused to track different objects as monitoring needs change.

If the item being tracked is tampered with, moved or opened, GuardPeanut produces a sound alert and sends an app notification or sound alarm directly to any registered device within 200 feet. For example, if a stroller is moved while a family is on the other side of the park, they will be notified both through their phones and a sound alert from the stroller that there is an issue. If users are outside of range, they can check their app when they are back within range for a record of movement that has been detected throughout the day. This option is optimal for homeowners interested in checking when people have entered or left their home,while they are at work. They can simply attach the GuardPeanut to their main home entrance and view a full report of activity at the end of the day.

Advanced Features

In addition to receiving notifications in the app and being able to review reports on movement, the SensePeanut app allows users to set advanced functions and features. Additional customizations include:

  • Movement sensitivity –Users have the flexibility to set the sensitivity of the motion detector in GuardPeanut.
    On demand sound alerts –Through the app, individuals can trigger their GuardPeanut to make a sound, making it easier to find the location of an item that might have been moved or misplaced.
  • Choice of sound alerts –GuardPeanut offers different sound and volume options through the app, so users can customize their experience depending on their needs. If they are tracking when their shop door is opened,they can activate the subtle bell greeting. For those tracking their valuables to prevent theft, they can program the GuardPeanut to make aloud siren noise, when their item is moved. When sound is not required, GuardPeanut and its notifications can be muted at any time.
  • Third-party interventions –GuardPeanut is IFTTT compatible, allowing users to create rules around when an item is moved or opened. For instance, if the front door is opened,the front lights can automatically turn on,a home security camera can start filming or a message can be sent through text message, email or social channels.
  • Data exports–It offers unlimited data storage within the secure cloud, allowing data to be exported to Excel and CSV files anytime. This setting is valuable for storeowners that want to track the flow of customers over a period of time by showing when their store door is opened the most.
  • Multiple devices –Each GuardPeanut can be paired with multiple smartphones and tablets. When a motion is detected, notifications will be sent to the closest authorized devices. All other devices using the same account will be able to receive notifications and check the timeline of events when they are back in range.
  • Home hubs –As any smartphone or tablet can be used as a hub, GuardPeanut can provide actionable data and alerts to multiple users even when they are miles from home.


GuardPeanut is available today for $29 on and Additional retailers will be announced at a later date. It comes in the color green with an additional color cover option included in the package, along with all necessary accessories including a Peanut holder, self-adhesive tape, attachment ring and a single, replaceable CR2032 battery that will run for up to four months. Additional sensors in the SensePeanut range will launch in late 2016 and early 2017.