News: Seterra Launches New Geography Map Quiz App for iPad and iPhone

Marianne Wartoft AB today announced the launch of the Seterra Geography map quiz app for iPad and iPhone. Seterra’s interactive map activities inspire users to master geography quickly and easily through fun games and quizzes. The classic online version of the Seterra map game has more than 1 million users per month. Now, users can enjoy a mobile version of the popular geography learning game that includes more than 100 activities to teach and test knowledge of maps and flags.

Before students learn more advanced subjects, such as history or economics, it’s important to have a solid mastery of geography. Inthe United States, 73 percent of eighth grade students performed below the proficient level in recent national assessments of geography. Yet, as the world becomes more connected, geography knowledge becomes more important as a way for students to make sense of world news.

First launched in 1998 by founder Marianne Wartoft in Sweden, Seterra quickly became the standard geography education software for Swedish schools. Seterra’s online version, released in 2011, is available in 30 languages and is popular worldwide.

Because of demand from Seterra’s online users, Wartoft created the mobile version. “Seterra is my brainchild that just took off and started living a life of its own,” says Wartoft. “Seterra has spread from Sweden to all over the world. The iOS version is the natural next step in this process of making simple geography quizzes available to more people who want to learn geography.”

Seterra makes learning geography fun. Through engaging gameplay, users are motivated to learn the locations of cities, states, capitals and countries. The app includes bodies of water, mountains and volcanoes, as well as flags.

Fun for kids or adults, Seterra is used by geography students at school or home as well as by geography fans of all ages. With competitive features, Seterra is ideal for school geography competitions, family game night or trivia games. Teachers like that Seterra offers map practice activities, tracks progress across multiple categories, and that sessions are timed and graded for accuracy.

Comprehensive without being intimidating, Seterra lets users advance at their own pace while encouraging them to continue to learn about geography. High-score lists inspire students to replay categories. The leaderboards show the top 10 high scores for more than 100 categories including: US state capitals, world flags, 25 largest cities, mountain ranges, islands, and planets of the solar system. Teachers can use Seterra with any size group or with individual students to motivate self-directed learning.

According to CNET’s review staff, “Outstanding content and a straightforward interface make Seterra an oddly compelling geography-quiz program.”

The new Seterra iOS app is available for US$1.99 in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. Programming for the iOS version was provided by Interactive Solutions. The app has no ads or in-app purchases.

About Marianne Wartoft AB

Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Marianne Wartoft began creating engaging learning games in 1995. As a programmer with a passion for maps and languages, Wartoft founded and launched the original Seterra geography learning games and map quizzes as shareware for Windows in 1998. In 2011, Seterra launched as an online version, which is popular worldwide today. In 2016, Seterra launched as an iOS app. Other educational software created by Wartoft includes ZDNet Ziff-Davis award-winner Selingua Language Tutor and Sebran’s ABC. Follow Seterra on Twitter and Facebook.

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